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E-M:/ Unhealth air on Friday...

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At this writing at 10 PM, MDEQ Air Division's Ozone Action 
Page is showing that Friday was a bad air day, even though
no Ozone Action Day was called.   Although one look
at the weather map and satellite photos shows that this was
probably a tough call today for the met folks.

I wonder when Engler is going to allow MDEQ to tell the public that
the new standard is being violated now that it has been
officially issued.  This would, of course, present a real cognitive 
dissonance dilemna for Engler....in the mind of a cynical
jive politician like Engler you can't warn the public about
present violations of health standards that you are fighting
to defeat on a national stage.

....looks like ozone and smog could turn into Engler's
air version of the fish contamination issue..... ignore
a demonstrated health issue for the sake of political
consistency and expediency.

In any event, here's the data....

The extreme Southeast corner today of the southeastern 
part of the state must have had some bad stagnant air today
as there were near misses on the "old"  0.12 standard and 
excursions over the new standard:

Site                    8 hour average ending 8 PM

NE Detroit             0.098
New Haven         0.098
Warren                 0.096
Algonac                 0.094

New Standard      0.085


Meanwhile, John Engler, John "tail pipe" Dingell and
Russell "I love the smell of ozone in Muskegon" Harding are
out there fighting for your right to breathe dirtier air than 
would be permitted under the new standards.  

And Engler took that position without consulting the 
before his "Michigan Environmental Sciences Board" concluded its 
review of the issue.

John Engler's Michigan environmental tradition....pulmonary
tissue irritation and asthmatic attacks!!!!!

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