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E-M:/ EPA Region V cuts deal with Total Alma Refinery

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            For Immediate Release: July 18, 1997 

            No. 97-OPA160 

            PETROLEUM; INCLUDES $35,000 FINE & $300,000
            CLEANUP PROJECT 

            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 has recently
            reached agreement with Total Petroleum, Inc., on alleged
            hazardous-waste violations at the company's Alma, MI, oil refinery. 

            Total Petroleum has agreed to pay a penalty of $35,000 and to
            complete a $300,000 supplemental environmental project, which will
            reduce or stop release of contaminants to the soil and ground

            EPA cited Total Petroleum in December 1993 and in April 1996 for
            violation of hazardous waste control regulations. These included: 

                 Exporting hazardous waste to Canada without Canada's
                 Discharging hazardous waste to a surface impoundment
                 between March 29 and August 22, 1994; and 
                 Other alleged violations relating to the company's hazardous
                 waste training program, contingency plan, hazardous-waste
                 determination, and manifested waste. 

                 "EPA is committed to enforcing hazardous waste regulations to
                 protect public health and the environment," said Joseph M.
                 Boyle, chief of the regional Enforcement Compliance
                 Assurance Branch; Waste, Pesticides, and Toxics Division. 

                 EPA issued the agreement, or consent order, under the
                 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. 


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