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E-M:/ EPA deal on Gage Products, Ferndale

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            For Immediate Release: July 18, 1997 

            No. 97-OPA161 

            $10,000 FINE & $65,500 CLEANUP PROJECT 

            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 has recently
            reached agreement with Gage Products Co. on alleged
            hazardous-waste violations at the company's Ferndale, MI, spent
            solvent recycling plant. 

            Gage has agreed to pay a penalty of $10,000 and to complete a
            $65,500 supplemental environmental project, which would cut volatile
            organic emissions from the facility by about 4.8 tons per year. 

            EPA cited Gage in October 1995 for violating its permit to manage
            hazardous waste. 

            Volatile organic compounds are major contributors to the formation
            of ground-level ozone, which can cause breathing problems, asthma
            attacks, eye irritation, and congestion. Ground-level ozone can
            lung function, resistance to colds and other infections, and may
            up aging of lung tissue. 

            "EPA is committed to protecting human health and the environment
            from the effects of improperly managed hazardous waste," said
            Norman Niedergang, director of the regional Waste, Pesticide, and
            Toxics Division. "We are pleased that Gage has agreed to perform
            this supplemental environmental project to cut these emissions." 

            The action was taken under the Resource Conservation and
            Recovery Act. 

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