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E-M:/ PCB education

Enviro-Mich message from "R. Jack" <yukon@ismi.net>

So I was on vacation last week, in the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula,
specifically in Northport.  We had our boat in the water there, and so spent
some time in the municipal marina.  In the evening, several local youngsters
came out to fish for "craw-dads," using a pole and a worm.  I asked one
young man (looked around 12 years old) if they actually eat those things.
He said, "Yeah, we boil them up and eat 'em!"  I told him "That's dangerous,
because they're full of PCB's."  (I assume this is correct, since these
creatures crawl around on the bottem of the lake and eat from the sediment.)
He asked "What are PCB's?"  I told him they are extremely dangerous toxic
chemicals -  but I faltered... 

How can you explain in only a few sentences what PCB's are, and what they
do?  I told him to get to the library, and look them up.  I wish I'd had
some handouts with me.  (It's hard to be prepared for every question - and
sometimes you just want to leave it all behind, especially when on vacation,
but it - the PCB and dioxin monster, is still out there.)

I saw tons of materials and propaganda for fisherman and sports fisherman.
But nowhere did I see anything about fish advisories or even anything about
how to clean the fish to remove the worst of the contamination....   

Am I naive?  

Is our governor and our state letting us all down, and letting us poison

-Rita J.

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