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E-M:/ Great Lakes Fish Images Now On-line

Enviro-Mich message from Marc Gaden <mgaden@glfc.org>

Dear GLIN and Enviro-Mich Users:

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is pleased to make available on-line quality images of Great Lakes fish, intended for general use and for use by the media.  This "Great Lakes Fishtank" can be accessed through the commission's homepage (http://www.glfc.org) or directly (http://www.glfc.org/fishtank.htm).  

Also available on-line are images of sea lampreys, of sea lampreys on fish, and of other things related to sea lampreys (such as sea lamprey wounds, close-ups of sea lamprey mouths, etc.).  This "Sea Lamprey Fishtank" can also be accessed through the commission's homepage or directly (http://www.glfc.org/slft.htm). 

All on-line images are served as straight .GIF files and as zipped .GIF or .BMP files, for convenient downloading.   New photographs and drawings will be added to the fishtanks periodically.  Agencies, organizations, and individuals are invited to provide fish images for free use on these pages or to provide URL links to other image sources.

Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address or at the phone number listed below if you have any questions or comments.

I hope the "Great Lakes Fishtank" and the "Sea Lamprey Fishtank" prove to be useful.


Marc Gaden
Communications Officer

Visit the Great Lakes Fishery Commission's Website
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2100 Commonwealth Blvd. Suite 209
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48105
313-662-3209, extension 14
313-741-2010 (fax)

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