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E-M:/ Source of recycled paper drying up!

Enviro-Mich message from beanlarson <beanlarson@michcom.com>

Folks! I know we all have more than our share of letters to write but I
was alerted to the upcoming closing of a de-inking (of recycled paper)
plant that makes the paper I use and like. I think the plant is actually
in New York somewhere. It makes (finishes?) Hammermill Unity DP paper,
which is labelled as 100% de-inked newspapers and magazines. I suppose
that the technology could be even worse than bleaching, but my local
paper-man says it isn't. It is also about the least expensive paper
around, about $3.50/500 sheets of 8.5 x 11. They also make some other
paper that is labelled as 20% recycled that is actually white. My paper-
man gave me the address of the company. If you use this paper and like
it, why not drop them a line?
		Spring Hill International Paper
		8400 Poplar Avenue
		Memphis, Tennessee  36197

It might be refreshing to write to someone who isn't going to sigh and
groan (like our Co. Board, or the McManuses, or Mr. Cool) when they look
at the return address!


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