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E-M:/ Great Lakes Appropriation Conference letters

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>Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 11:58:50 -0400
>From: Rochelle Sturtevant <Rochelle_Sturtevant@glenn.senate.gov>
>Subject: Conference letters 
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>The Great Lakes Task Force is circulating letters for signature by Great 
>Lakes Congressionals asking conferees to support important Great Lakes 
>programs in jeopardy during the Appropriations conferences.  If you are 
>interested in any of the following programs, contact your Senators and 
>Representatives, asking that they have their staff contact Senator Glenn or 
>Rep. Latourette to sign on to the letters before August 12.
>The 4 letters include the following programs:
>        The Senate provided an increase of $800,000 for the Great Lakes 
>Environmental Research Lab (GLERL) a total base budget of $6 million.  The 
>House provided only $5.2 million.  
>        The Senate provided $2 million for NOAA's leadership of the Aquatic 
>Nuisance Species Task Force and Ballast Water Demonstration Program.  The 
>House provided no funding for these programs.
>        The House provided $55 million for the National Coastal Zone 
>Management Program.  The Senate provided only $49.7 million.  We are happy 
>to report that both levels are above the fiscal 1997 funding level of $46.2 
>        The following programs also received funding increases at different 
>levels in the House and Senate:
>        Marine Sanctuaries:
>                House: $14 million
>                Senate:$14.5 million
>                Fiscal 1997: $11.7 million
>        National Sea Grant:
>                House: $55.3 million
>                Senate: $58 million
>                Fiscal 1997: $54.3 million
>        Sea Grant Research on Aquaic Nuisance Species:
>                House: $2.8 million
>                Senate: $2 million
>                Fiscal 1997: $2.8 million
>        The Senate earmarked a $1 million increase for Coast Guard Research 
>and Development to be used to "further research efforts into a nonchemical 
>interim ballast-management practice for fully loaded vessels to prevent the 
>ballast-mediated transfer of species.  This research should focus in 
>particular on vessels reporting no ballast on board (NOBOB) ...[and] to 
>assist the Coast Guard's other efforts consistent with the National 
>Invasive Species Act"
>The House did not provide similar funding.
>Approximately 90% of the vessels entering the Great Lakes fit the NOBOB 
>        The Senate provided $6 million for Dredging Operations 
>Environmental Research.  The House provided only $2 million. Our letter 
>also reiterates the GLTF request that the conference report language 
>explicitly make projects dealing with the assessment and remediation of 
>contaminated sediments eligible for funding through the contaminated 
>sediments and innovative technologies focus areas.
>        The House provided $500,000 for RAP assistance.  The Senate did not 
>provide funding for this program.
>        Both bodies provided funding for the construction of a dispersal 
>barrier at the Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal.  The Senate provided 
>$500,000 through the research account and the House provided $500,000 
>through the Construction account.  The different funding strategies will 
>have to be resolved in conference in order to maintain funding for the 
>        The House provided $500,000 for Sediment Transport Modelling and 
>Sediment Management Planning.  The Senate provided no funds for this 
>        The Senate provided $6.6 million for Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control 
>Research.  The House provided only $2.6 million.  We note that funding of 
>at least $4 million will be needed in order for the Corps to develop new 
>research areas to address Elodea in Lake St. Clair and Eurasian 
>        The House provided $200,000 for improvement of the Soo Locks.  The 
>Senate did not provide for this project.
>        The House provided $14.7 million for the Great Lakes National 
>Program Office.  The Senate provided only $13.3 million for this program.
>        The House provided $250,000 for EPA design of the dispersal barrier 
>in the Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal.  The Senate provided no funds for 
>the EPA portion of this project.
>        The House provided $110 million for the combined Section 319 
>Nonpoint Source Grants and Clean Lakes Program, with specific language 
>designating that funds be made available to support the purposes of the 
>Clean Lakes Program.  The Senate provided only $100 million, with no 
>mention of the Clean Lakes Program.
>Thank you for your support of the Lakes!
>Rochelle Sturtevant, Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force
>Office of Senator Glenn 202-224-4229
>Whitman Miller
>Office of Senator Glenn 202-224-0388
>Sara Gottlieb
>Office of Representative LaTourette 202-225-5731

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