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Enviro-Mich message from "R. Jack" <yukon@ismi.net>

For a good explanation of what I'm asking about when I ask if young anglers
are being protected, please refer to the E-M message of Aug.9, "Subject:
E-M:/ Fish advisory information from US EPA"   
Yes, I hope that these fine young men and women WILL become our
environmentalists of the future. But that won't happen if we poison their
brains and bodies with contaminants that they eat along with the fresh fish
they just caught.  In Michigan, the fish consumption advisory information,
as far as I understand, is only posted on fishing licenses.  And what kid is
going to read that and understand it?
-Rita Jack

At 07:03 AM 8/9/97 -0500, Ron Schmoke wrote:
>R. Jack wrote:
>> Ok Folks, I just gotta ask this, even though it may anger a few of you...
>> Is it also being explained to these young, still developing teens that it's
>> dangerous to eat the fish they catch from our urban rivers and our Great
>> Lakes?  Or are they being told to "cut the fat"?  Are they taking the fish
>> home to their younger siblings, and to their pregnant or nursing mothers, or
>> perhaps other sensitive people in their household?  Are they being given
>> handouts that are in English and in other common inner city languages, so
>> that they can explain to their families why they mustn't eat the fish "as
>> is"....
>> Are they being protected in any way?
>No anger here, just a little puzzled.  Protect them from what??
>It is a great idea to encourage kids to have fun doing something that
>will help build their appreciation for the outdoors.  Protect them? 
>Most of them are pretty good at protecting themselves -- they read,
>etc.  There is no better way, in my opinion, to continue to build a base
>of conservation and environmentally minded people, than to recruit young
>people into outdoor activities like fishing.  I think the promotion is a
>great idea. . Hopefully many of these kids will become the next
>generation of environmentalists.

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