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Enviro-Mich message from Charles Cubbage <CubbageC@state.mi.us>

It is always a good idea to look beyond the immediate impact of a course
of action.  Homo sapien has frequently caused the next problem by
"solving" the present one.  I've wondered how we could have been so
stupid that we didn't know what the consequences were going to be,
such as with our 1960s ban on "end of pipe" effluents.  

With respect to the give away, there is undoubtedly less danger today
than there  was 15 years ago - lots more crud was in the water then. 
Also, with the kids who are likely to get these licenses, ask yourself
what sources of nutrition they have currently.  Seen any grocery stores
in the inner city lately?  That leaves folks without transportation renting
taxis (got any $?) or going with the nearest fast food option or corner
lottery sales/deli store.  Now there's nutrition!!  How do the fish rate by

Before anyone takes offense, mine is an honest question, not a
commentary on your questioning the nutritional outcome.  Both are
legitimate concerns about the nutritional options available to some of
Michigan's residents (and any large city).  How many of you thought of
my question?  If you had not, then you should not be critical of those
who want to give fishing licenses away (what is that about the pot & the
kettle).   I am am concerned that some will take your question as a
statement that giving away licenses was stupid.  I did not take it that
way, but I bet some did.  Before all of you out there take offense (maybe
again) read on, there are some interesting options being explored.    

The Michigan Integrated Food and Farming System projects around the
state include a Detroit inner city farming (empty lot gardens) effort
supported by MSU Extension, EMEAC, MDA, and a lot of of local
dedicated individuals.  Some really neat things happening to increase
local empowerment on food supply, pride, control of one's own
resources, etc.  One elementary school that is participating will be
making salsa to sell from the produce they grow.  PRAXIS a biological
control company (not bioengineering) has provided heritage plants to the
kids so that they can continue to grow tomatoes, etc., form this year's

Just to let you know that a lot of us share your concern, Chris Liezau
here at MDA, who is one of the MIFFS collaborators  and steering
committee member took soil samples and the MDA lab ran tests to make
sure the soil would not be problematic.  

Anyway, thanks again for raising the issue.  There are some neat things
happening.  I'd like to see them happen at a faster pace.  When people
have the opportunity to meet and openly have dialogue, good things can
and will occur.   It doesn't have to wait for government, nor institutional

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