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Re: [Fwd: E-M:/ laundry disks]

Enviro-Mich message from Tom Stanton <stanton7@pilot.msu.edu>

Robert: When I weighed in on this discussion the first time, about 2.5
years ago, Real Goods was engaged in testing with a school in Arkansas
or Alabama, or somewhere. What came of that? I suggested at the time
that if the proported changes were ostensibly to water chemistry, there
ought to be a way to measure them, in real time, while working in a
washing machine. It seems to me to be of the utmost importance for Real
Goods long term future that Real Goods carefully test all the products
it recommends, like being a combination of Consumer Reports, the
National Product Safety Commission, and the Sears Catalog all rolled
into one.

That's my two-cents worth. 

-- Tom S.

P.S. I have been using the laundry disks (usually with one tablespoon of
liquid detergent and one to two tablespoons of Borax) for about 2.5
years, thru 450 loads. I still like the results.

Robert Klayman wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Tom Stanton wrote:
> > How about it, Real Goods?
> >
> > --Tom Stanton, Hard Corps member and one who suggested research re the
> > laundry disks about a year ago.
> thanks tom for both the forwarded message and your note of concern.
> first, we have read the attached memo before,as the content expressed was
> current about 3yrs ago. Without retelling what is heresay between Mr.
> Hollender and the former Japanese supplier, I will say that the core of
> their issue was a considerable amount of money, a matter that ultimately
> lead to some legal action. Since our introduction of the product, we have
> sold 1000's with overwhelmingly positive results from our customers.
> Of cours, there have been some serious challenges made, but
> mostly to other retailers who either are making outrageous claims for the
> product or are selling a totally specious sub-par competitor.We feel that
> we have been much more responsible in our advertising, stressing the anti-
> bacterial properties(which are independent lab certified) and not saying
> that your laundry will " look" as clean as if you had used commerical
> products with chemical optical whitener/brighteners. We believe that the
> proper use of the disc with selected use of natural enzyme stain
> removers(supplier with our disc) will result in acceptably clean clothes
> without the use of harsh commercial laundry products. Of course, the
> public remains the ultimate jury and will determine the success or failure
> of all products we offer. I don't know if I addressed your concerns, but
> if not feel free to write back. Thank you for your support of Real Goods.
> Robert Klayman
> Catalog Director, RGTC

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