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E-M:/ Ypsilanti - Textile Rd Superfund Hearing

Enviro-Mich message from "Julie Griess" <jgriess@provide.net>

I just returned from the EPA hearing on this site. Turnout was light, but a
lot of ground was covered in the comments. The main concerns expressed

1. Notification of the hearing was haphazard. Even the Township Supervisor
Karen Lovejoy Roe didn't receive a notification (nor the Township offices).
Also the hearing was scheduled during prime vacation time, particularly for
the large local population that works in auto plants. Also there wasn't
much preparation time for truly technical analysis by the township even if
they had been notified when other people were. They requested an extension
of the comment period, and it sounded like they wanted another hearing
also. Currently the comment period ends Aug. 28.

2. The proposed cleanup standard is for industrial/commercial use, which is
allows about 10 times as much pollution remaining as for residential use.
The master plan shows the site as light industrial, but comments stated
that the reason may be that it was known the site was contaminated.
Supervisor Roe said that the fact that there are bodies of water on the
property makes it impossible to use for industrial. It is bordered by dense
residential on 2 sides. If the site is cleaned to industrial/commercial,
there would have to be deed restrictions and limitations of access forever,
to protect the public. People commented that kids even today go through
numerous holes in the fence and probably swim and fish in the ponds. Ypsi
Twp officials asked why they were required to pay for a complete cleanup of
Willow Run Creek, which had been used for industrial purposes, but here the
standards proposed were much less stringent altho it had never been used
for industry.

Other information - the groundwater is currently contaminated on the site.
For any cleanup standard contaminated groundwater should not flow off the
site. The groundwater flows to the northwest, to Ford Lake across the road.
The underlying acquifer is protected by thick clay and does not appear to
be contaminated. Also, it was stated that the ponds did not appear to be
contaminated. The majority of the contamination was found in the northeast
section of the property. Some of the contamination originated from
contaminated fill that was used after the gravel was mined, and some came
from barrels that were dumped. There are at least 2, and potentially 4
responsible parties (PRPs) that have been identified and would have to pay
for parts of the cleanup.. 

The EPA is supposed to respond to all comments raised. There were also
representatives from the MDEQ present, who are involved in the process.

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