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Re: E-M:/ AAA position on clean air

Enviro-Mich message from Dave Warren <dwarren@mich.com>

At 11:24 PM 8/16/97 PST, Nancy Shiffler wrote:
>Brenda LiveOak forwarded a message to E/M about AAA's stand on the new 
>clean air regs.  Seems to me those of us that are members ought make our 
>point of view known, especially at the time of year that they send out 
>those cards for proxy votes.
>Nancy Shiffler

The Union of Concerned Scientists, in a recent fundraising rant about "Junk
Science" being used for politically-motivated distortions of real science,
had a True-False question:  "Today's cars are 95 percent cleaner than those
of 30 years ago."

Their explanation of their answer (false) stated the following:

"Car companies and industry-funded groups have misleadingly used this claim
to justify opposing further vehicle pollution-control measures.  Real-world
emissions per mile have declined only about 75 percent.  Although this is a
significiant achievement, pollution from the average car is five times more
than the auto industry claims.  Moreover, the amount of per-car emmisions of
air pollutants is less important than the total pollution from all the cars
on the road.  Because the total mumber of miles driven has roughly doubled
since 1965, total emissions are only about half those of 30 years ago."

AAA's quotes sounded to me like "Auto pollution isn't the only problem, so
let's not solve it."

Michigan may be the last state to discover clean air -- or mass transit --
but a positive push from this state could count twice as much as one from
other states that are desparately trying to build public transit but don't
have the densities to make it work.

Contacting AAA Michigan could certainly get them to soften their stance.
Going to their annual meeting could even do more.  Can I assign my proxy to
Nancy or Brenda........ 


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