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Re: E-M:/ AAA position on clean air

Enviro-Mich message from kris olsson <olssonk@umich.edu>

Dave Warren wrote:

> The Union of Concerned Scientists, in a recent fundraising rant about "Junk
> Science" being used for politically-motivated distortions of real science,
> had a True-False question:  "Today's cars are 95 percent cleaner than those
> of 30 years ago."
> Their explanation of their answer (false) stated the following:
> "Car companies and industry-funded groups have misleadingly used this claim
> to justify opposing further vehicle pollution-control measures.  Real-world
> emissions per mile have declined only about 75 percent.  

Didn't the AAA thing say 75%?

 Moreover, the amount of per-car emmisions of
> air pollutants is less important than the total pollution from all the cars
> on the road.  Because the total mumber of miles driven has roughly doubled
> since 1965, total emissions are only about half those of 30 years ago."

But AAA said they accounted for increased VMT, I thought (of course,
I've deleted that message so I can't go back and look).

> AAA's quotes sounded to me like "Auto pollution isn't the only problem, so
> let's not solve it."

I agree.

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