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Re: E-M:/ AAA position on clean air

Enviro-Mich message from Davedbike@aol.com

I haven't seen anything yet that can discredit this report, and with the
ISTEA debate expected to heat up again soon, I'm concerned.  So, I called the
AAA contact in the E-WIRE press release to get a hard copy of this study and
asked who sponsored it.  Duh, guess what?  AAA's the sponsor!  

I have a copy coming, for what it's worth.

Has anyone heard any response from any Washington environmental or
transportation groups on this report, or an EPA response, or anyone actually
seen the report?  I suspect the CMAQ program implications to this are quite
If anyone can post something with more information besides an obviously
biased press release we might get to the bottom of this.  How the study was
conducted, etc..  

Last I knew, mobile sources contributed to about half of this country's dirty
air problem, with increased driving close to outstripping cleaner burning
cars, and higher mobile source contributions in densly populated,
auto-dependant regions, according to the Surface Transportation Policy
Project (STPP) in DC.  Their URL is www.transact.org....fyi

In fact, this month's STPP "Progress" snail-mail newsletter focused on the
environmental aspects of ISTEA, and should be available at their site.  

Dave DeRight
Kalamazoo, MI  

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