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E-M:/ re: Eric's request for Location Efficient Mortgage info

Enviro-Mich message from Davedbike@aol.com

"Eric K. Lawson" <lawson@publicpolicy.com> wrote:

><snip>...does anyone know if there
>has been any movement around here to use "Location efficient mortgages?"  



While browsing I noticed the Center for Neighborhood Technology, in Chicago,
is a partner in this program.  They might be able to answer your question.
 They have some info at their web site at: http://www.cnt.org/  if you
haven't already contacted them.

Or, try 1-800-438-5547

At least that's the number listed for their "Neighborhood Reinvestment
Training Institute" program in my latest Surface Transportation Policy
Project newsletter.

Speaking of transit, which Location Efficient Mortgage's are supportive of,
this year's "Rail-Volution" conference will be held in StLouis, MO, Oct
26-29.   If interested, call 1-800-788-7077. 

And, also, for what it's worth, the annual National Pedestrian Conference
will be in DC on Sept. 2nd - 6th.  Call 1-202-463-6622, for info on that.

Dan Burden, who is an organizer of that Ped conference, was just here in
Kalamazoo for an overview/ training session.  His presentation was very well
received.  M-DOT was the sponsor.  If you'd like Dan to come to your
community, contact Mike Eberlien, M-DOT Non-motorized Coordinator, at:

Dave DeRight

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