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E-M:/ Acid Rain, Rivers, & Trout

Enviro-Mich message from Edward McGlinn <mcglinn@ix.netcom.com>

I am searching for information regarding the impact that acid rain has on 
our rivers, especially on our northern rivers including those in the 
U.P., and the effects they may have on fish, and more specifically, 

I know that the U.P. rivers are more susceptible because they have less 
buffering and that the lower peninsula streams are touted as well 
buffered. But I've been impressed with some recent research done in New 
York regarding the depletion of the soil from acid rain and hence the 
buffering (if that's the correct word) seems to have been diminished 
greatly. I am not familiar with any research done in Michigan.

I also would like to know of any research reported or underway regarding 
the effects of road deicing salt and brine (since brine is used 
extensively in northern Michigan for deicing and also for a road covering 
in the summer to reduce dust) on rivers and again, on fish, especially 
trout. It has long been known by scientists that runoff of deicing salt 
(salt itself is a serious contamninant and brine is even more so) can 
release mercury and other toxic metals from the soils and stream 
sediments and decrease the pH. Does anyone know of specific research in 
Michigan regarding the effects of of salt and brine on rivers and aquatic 

I would appreciate any references, insights, directions, and suggestions 
that would help educate me regarding these contaminants, especially any 
that is specific to Michigan.

Ed McGlinn
The Riverwatch

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