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E-M:/ 2 Questions

Enviro-Mich message from "R. Jack" <yukon@ismi.net>

Hello Everyone:  I have two questions to ask the experts on the list:

1)      We have 6 wooded acres, which includes a lot of wet land. There are
2 ponds, which have a lot of amphibian life.  Our trees are mostly maple and
oak, with some other stuff thrown in that I can't name.  The problem:  our
oaks seem to be turning brown and dying. They start with the leaves getting
brown spots all over them, and the following year, they just don't come back
at spring.  They die.  There are probably about 6-7 that have begun with the
spots this year, and 2 of them have died this year.  What can we do?  Or is
it just mature trees passing?

2)       I wanna buy a new car.  I have a '97 Jeep Wrangler that is killing
me on gas - and I put on between 350-500 miles per week.    I want 4 wheel
drive, or as Suburu says, AWD.  Is there an American-made vehicle that is
4WD or AWD that gets at least 30 miles to the gallon?    And just as
important,  I'm looking for a company that hasn't spent millions fighting
the new clean air standards.  (Word has it that Ford spent $8 million on
their campaign.)  Am I dreaming?

No, really, I'm serious.  

Thanks!  -Rita Jack, Hartland     

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