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E-M:/ General discussion of consumer products is OFF-TOPIC on Enviro-Mich

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At 09:00 AM 8/23/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from jbobrin@BizServe.com (Janis Bobrin)
>I sure agree with Kris Olsson re. the washing discs, especially in that
>several people are currently marketing them as an environmental item in
>this area.

>Enviro-Mich message from kris olsson <olssonk@umich.edu>


>the questions about the laundry disks were very germaine to the
>environment, since they clean to be environmentally friendly products
>that are alternatives to products that could be harmful to the envt.

>I liken it to a discussion about electric cars.

I find that I must again
explain the purpose of the list, Enviro-Mich, because the two posters above
(and potentially others) do not yet understand it.

The primary purpose of Enviro-Mich concerns matters of public
policy and governmental issues on environmental protection, natural
resources and 
conservation in Michigan, promotion of activism on these issues and
of information on these issues, including information of a political
nature and vigorous pro-con discussion of such matters.

Other relevant, on-topic expression on Enviro-Mich includes the 
celebration of the experience of Michigan natural resources (i.e. 
exclamation/expression on Michigan's remarkable natural resources, 
such as comments on a Michigan wilderness, hunting, fishing or 
unusual animal observation experience (i.e. wolves in L.P.) or poetry
dealing with Michigan environmental experiences); or the negative 
celebration of scenes of environmental destruction and pollution.

Other relevant topics:   the conduct of industrial, commercial, 
business and municipal entities and
their impact on environment, resources and public health;
Michigan/Great Lakes job openings of an environmental nature; academic pursuits
on Michigan environmental/resources issues (including both student
inquiries and heavy duty academic research information);  information inquiries
relating to Michigan-specific issues or natural resources problems
of a public  (and not private nature);
issues relating to the handling of environmental matters by elected public
educational and conference meeting opportunities
relating to Michigan and the Great Lakes.

If washing disks were harmful to the environment and they became
the subject of legislative or regulatory action in Michigan, then 
discussion of such matters would be relevant to Enviro-Mich.  If the makers
of washing disks were polluting the environment with volatile organic
compounds at a Michigan location, then such discussion would be
relevant.     General discussion of washing disks is NOT relevant. 

General discussion of electric cars is NOT relevant, but discussion 
of Michigan legislation to promote electric
vehicles, news of a public demonstration/education event in Michigan on
electric cars, and pollution from an electric car battery production plant 
in Michigan IS relevant.

Promotion (or negative promotion i.e. bashing) of consumer products
is NOT relevant unless the discussion is tied to a public policy 
initiative underway in Michigan to abate hazards of such consumer products.

In designing this list, general discussions of consumer products
and private-nature consumer problems  that are not directly related to 
Michigan public policy were 
deliberately left out because such discussions would increase the
number of messages and drown out important public policy information and
thus defeat the main purposes of the list.

In addition, general discussion on the bashing of consumer products
increases potential downside legal liabilities for the sponsors of 
this list.  As someone who has previously had dealings with 
litigation concerning defamation of consumer products, I can 
assure you that we do not want such a complication to arise from
the operation of Enviro-Mich.

The decision by the Listowner and sponsoring organization on the 
matter of such consumer product  and private problem postings
being OFF-TOPIC is FINAL.  Please do not post such material
on Enviro-Mich.

Alex Sagady
Enviro-Mich Listowner
Volunteer, Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

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