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>While we are waiting for a reaction of Peter Orris regarding our comment on
>the APHA resolution, the USEPA has issued new rules to cut mercury and
>dioxin emissions from hospital waste incineration. Under this rule,
>emissions at medical waste incinerators will be reduced 94 percent for
>mercury and 95 percent for dioxin. Other pollutants are targeted too.
>We picked this up from the E-link service, see:
>They also provide a link to the USEPA, where the new rule is described:
>If you still think that omitting PVC or other chlorine sources from waste
>will reduce dioxin emissions, you should (re)read RACHEL'S HAZARDOUS WASTE
>NEWS #45 of 1987, where experiments at an incinerator in Pittsfield,
>Massachusetts are described. See:
>Interesting also, the USEPA estimates that the costs for extra equipment to
>achieve the new limits will add the bill for hospital stay with 35 cents
>per bed per day, while one of the alternatives, onsite steam sterilization
>would increase patient costs with 42 cents per bed per day.
>See: http://www.envirolink.org/pubs/rachel/rhwn179.htm
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