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Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


A sign of a successful communications system is when those who use it
care enough to raise concerns and criticisms about what they see as
limitations on its use.  Thank you for caring that much!

Some recent postings raised some concerns about the rules for postings on
Enviro-Mich, and call for some clarification.  First, a request was made in
one posting that "someone in authority in the Mackinac Chapter" respond.  You
have been hearing from that person, Alex Sagady, who as a volunteer runs and
maintains the listserve.  Sierra Club is a volunteer run organization -- and
not only does the work on this list get done entirely by Alex, at great an
enormous investment of time, he conceived and shepherded the idea through to

Also, however, you should be aware that everytime a complaint or concern is
sent to Alex, he copies it to various leaders in the Sierra Club, recognizing
his role as a representative of the organization.  Like the cop on the street,
or the referree in any sport, Alex plays the unpopular but critical policing
role.  His efforts help us to keep on track -- be assured, all sorts of
people, including me, have received notes from Alex about off-topic posts,
which come directly to the person involved without a broadcast to the list.
His efforts have meant that although there have been literally thousands of
posts of Enviro-Mich since its inception, we can count on this forum to focus
on the issues in Michigan's environment.

Lastly, let me note that the way this listserve is designed is so that it
gives the benefit of the doubt to any subscriber about the relevance of
his/her post.  The Sierra Club wants you to be the first judge of whether
something fits the criteria.  Alex occasionally posts reminders when there is
an appearance that list content may drift.  At times, some people were
mistaken in thinking there was censorship of the list, when in fact they had
made mistakes in trying to post to the list. While Sierra Club has reserved
the right to remove people who might be intentionally disruptive of this
listserve, we trust you to be the best judges of whether your posts are in
tune with our goals of providing a forum for information, discussion, opinion,
etc. about what is happening in the policy arenas that effect Michigan's

Thanks to all of you for making this a success, and happy posting!!

Anne Woiwode,
Program Director
Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club

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