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Re: E-M:/ Alex Sagady's List

Enviro-Mich message from nancy.shiffler@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

David Staudacher" wrote

   I'd like to hear from someone in authority at the Mackinac Sierra 
Club as to why this selective intimidation is being tolerated.  Many 
on the list are afraid to post anything any more for fear of getting 


I generally find myself spending 1-2 hours a night reviewing e-mail messages, 
with some 75% coming from Enviro-Mich.  Consequently, I would prefer that folks 
would be even more selective (and brief) about what they send in.  There are 
probably other sites where information about consumer products would be more 

As a member of the Mackinac Chapter executive committee, I support Alex's 
efforts to keep the list focused.  It's not an easy job to find a balance 
between a broad exchange of information and avoiding the marginally relevant.

Nancy Shiffler

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