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>The Great Lakes Protection Fund is pleased to announce a request for
proposals for its "Great Lakes Power Challenge."
>Up to two million dollars in funding is available to support business plans
that couple the restoration and protection of Great Lakes ecosystem health
with market opportunities created by the deregulation of retail electricity
markets.  The Fund hopes to support one or more innovative business
strategies that use ecosystem health as a criterion for designing, marketing
and providing a new generation of power products and services.  We hope that
such plans will provide consumers scientifically sound, objective ways to
select electric power based on the impacts on the health of the Great Lakes
>Brief concept papers will be accepted until December 1, 1997.  Awards will
be made in the summer of 1998.
>For a full copy of the request for proposals, and other information, please
>or contact our offices.
>The Fund encourages creative, collaborative, multi-organization projects.
This request is entirely separate from the regulatory and policy initiatives
underway at the state and national levels.  The Fund does not support
advocacy, lobbying or litigation.
>Feel free to contact the Fund with questions.
>David Rankin
>Program Director
>Great Lakes Protection Fund
>35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1880
>Chicago IL 60601

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