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Re: E-M:/ 2 Questions

Enviro-Mich message from Korie Bachleda <bachledk@msue.msu.edu>

R. Jack wrote:
> 1)      We have 6 wooded acres, which includes a lot of wet land. There are
> 2 ponds, which have a lot of amphibian life.  Our trees are mostly maple and
> oak, with some other stuff thrown in that I can't name.  The problem:  our
> oaks seem to be turning brown and dying. They start with the leaves getting
> brown spots all over them, and the following year, they just don't come back
> at spring.  They die.  There are probably about 6-7 that have begun with the
> spots this year, and 2 of them have died this year.  What can we do?  Or is
> it just mature trees passing?

I work for MSU Extension in St. Joseph County.  However, since I'm the
recycling lady not an Ag agent I don't know much about trees.  I asked
our Ag Agent.  He said the symptons are common to many problems - it
could be a number of things from diseases and insects to site problems
and damage.  The best thing to do is to get a leaf sample over to your
local Extension office (look under County Government-there is an
Extension office in every County in Michigan).  They should be able to
help you, since Extension is here to provide just such information. 
Another option is to pay a fee and send the sample to the MSU Plant and
Pest Diagnostic Clinic at A159 Plant and Soil Sciences Bldg., East
Lansing, MI 48824-1325 Phone (517) 355-4536 Fax (517) 353-1781

Hope you find the answers and can save the remaining trees.

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