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Re: E-M:/ Industry to meet re: Air Quality?

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At 12:47 AM 27/08/97 -0400, asagady@sojourn.com wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com
>At 05:47 PM 8/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Enviro-Mich message from "R. Jack" <yukon@ismi.net>
>>I'm sorry if this is sketchy, but I'm hoping that someone else who heard the
>>story can fill in the blanks...  Michigan Radio reported today of a
>>conference coming up tomorrow? in the state, which will include industry
>>reps from Dow, others from St. Joseph, Grand Rapids, and from metro-Detroit.
>>The report stated the purpose of the meeting is for industry to come to a
>>consensus and for them all to show a united front to the Michigan
>>Legislature and to Gov. Engler on (air quality) regulation (?) -
>>Who knows more?  I'm sorry, but I was passing a truck when the story was on
>>and I missed most of it. 
>I didn't hear the radio report but it may be referring to the "Southeast
>Michigan/ Southwest Ontario Regional Environmental Summit"
>October 14-15, 1997,  convened by the Greater Detroit Chamber of 
>Commerce  and the Canadian Consulate General
>This $195 per person admission meeting is intended to:
>discuss "vision statements develped on five key environmental
>issues -- air quality, brownfields, habitat, waste management 
>and water quality.    Identify possible alternative visions.  Finalized a
>list of "common ground" objectives that provide a "macro-vision"
>for the region and identified measures to track progress toward a balanced 
>quality of life and a sound environment."
>The meeting is supposed to include environmentalists but there are
>no representatives on environmental organizations on the program.
>Maybe what this meeting needs is a "truth squad,"  Hunter S. Thompson
>style, to reign in the jive with a hunter-gatherer approach to 
>publicizing alternative viewpoints....
>Here are the subjects of the panels:
>Air-- Ozone, PM STandards, EPA
>Facilitator, Al Greenberg, Consultant
>Water Quality -- Detroit River International Aspects, Municipal waste water
>    treatment, drinking water
>Charles Rowney, Camp Dresser and McKee
>Habitat  -- Greenway Development, wetlands urban sprawl
>William Cooper, PhD., MSU Dept. of Zoology
>Brownfields --   Cleanup standards, redevelopment, development of clean
>R.J King, Detroit News, facilitator
>Waste Management -- Flow Control- -International, Low Level Radwaste, Recycling
>Linda Headley, Headley Pratt Consulting
>Conference participants will produce a report which "will be provided to 
>policy makers and business and community leaders throughout the region as a 
>"road map" by which progress and salient milestones can be measured
>at future summits"
>Dennis Archer will be there along with Russell "let's make Michigan
>more like Sarnia, Ontario" Harding.   Refreshments are provided by the
>same folks who, in part, brought you the Detroit Incinerator, Roy Weston Inc.; 
>and law firm Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn (several of those guys
>presently lurk on the Enviro-Mich list...)
>A panel on Global Climate Change; Michigan Impact  will be featured
>by the Michigan Global Climate Coalition  (are these the guys that
>Dave Dempsey alluded to that want to keep things hot?...)
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Greetings, we called the Canadian Consulate in Detroit and offered to send
enviro-types to participate on the panels but they did not call back.  There
is also a non-profit registration fee ($95.00) for (501) (c) (3) groups.  I
wonder if you need to supply your number for proof at the door, so they
really want to screen out the grass-roots rabble.

We see that the Detroit News has been asked to facilitate a workshop, I
guess they don't support the Detroit Newspaper strike.  They should  have
asked the Metro Times or the Detroit Journal.  This is purely the corporate
method of being seen to show their concern for the environment and then take
over the entire movement by putting their stamp on it.  Where in hell have
they been all these years????  Their web page is www.detroitchamber.com.  We
think one of the objectives of this shuld be to push for a harmonization
process for US & Canada air,water and monitoring in the Great Lakes.  Fish
advisories are a good example and so is acceptable smog levels.  Even
transportation issues that will be impacted by (attempts) of a NAFTA highway
need to be debated and looked at in light of both SW Ontario and SE Michigan

Don't forget the next Great Lakes Mayors conference is scheduled for Windsor
& Detroit for July 1998.  Good time now to go after both Hurst and Archer.
Seems the bottom line is jobs not environmental protection.  


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