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E-M:/ Harrumph, gack, muffle, gag.....

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

A recent  memo from the MDEQ....

>  Subject: Responding to internet information
>  Many of you are now using the Internet more and more to receive general
>  information and notices related to your job. One such source of information
>  is various list servers, such as "Enviro-Mich", which shares information of
>  an environmental nature with interest persons. These sources often discuss
>  controversial issues related to the DEQ and [MDEQ DIVISION DELETED]
>  Please DO NOT respond to notes posted and received or place information onto
>  these list servers, unless you are directed by your supervisor to do so.
>  Responses to questions posed or opinions stated on these general servers can
>  be sent anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, read and learn, but do not
>  respond unless told to do so, as your response will likely be treated as
>  Department or [MDEQ DIVISION DELETED] position.'
>  If you think an item deserves a response, and
>  you are familiar with the topic, then forward to your supervisor for
>  consideration.
>  Note that this applies to all general mail on the Internet. However, you can
>  respond to specific mail directed to you only. As always, use care,
>  remembering that electronic responses can be resent.
>  If you have questions, please discuss with your supervisor. Thanks.

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