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E-M:/ Secrecy in Govt?

Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Farrah <jfarrah@igc.apc.org>

Back in the 1980's, rank-and-file civil servants at the EPA openly defied
the Reagan administration and held fast to their ethical and philosophic
positions regarding the environment.  As Reagan administration appointees
tried to gut an already weak enforcement effort by EPA officials, folks
within the agency and their allies in the states courageously worked toward
preserving/conserving the environment, and ultimately, Industry reps in the
EPA were forced to resign under major pressure.  Those who dedicate their
lives to ecological principles and then who actualize them through working
as a civil servant (i.e. in government) somewhere are the kinds of folks who
can really make a difference in the world. The civil servants who openly
confront ideological/commercial agendas and pursue the scientific goals that
they spent years in college learning need total support and encouragement
from citizens and non-governmental and non-corporate organizations.   I hope
that information transfers will continue, in the spirit of science and sound
ecological judgements, and that the bi-national citizens of the great lakes
ecosystem can trust at least some of their public officials within
departments of "environmental quality".  

In a more pragmatic vein, commentary on this list is never "official".  As I
understand this list, it has a communicative and information-sharing
purpose.  Any comments, whether from "ordinary citizens", "organization
representatives", or "government bureaucrats", are simply to facilitate
communication amongst people who share the same habitat, and who need to
figure out how to keep this habitat healthy for ourselves and future
generations.  Sorry about this ranting and raving, but the posting from the
(agency deleted) and some of the stuff about whats right and wrong on
Enviro-Mich got my blood boiling------Jeff Farrah

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