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E-M:/ re: business round table opposes new clean air std.

Enviro-Mich message from "Jim Fackert" <jfackert@cac.net>

When is it going to strike these guys that clean air is GOOD for business?

Ignoring the fact that clean air is good for people and wildlife and the
ecosystem and maybe even might prolong our stay on the earth,  all of which
somehow are seen to have no economic benefit by some supposedly future
minded planning kinds of folks,    clean air is GOOD for business!

People pay more for better products that are safer and cleaner and more
people can be hired to make these better products and healthy happy people
produce more and "consume" (buy) more from companies that show concern for
their well-being and new businesses are springing up to produce products
and offer services relating to peoples desire for a CLEANER SAFER BETTER

Lets see... what happened to dinosaurs of the past, who ignored the new
priorities and the new order, and thought THEY knew better what people
REALLY wanted and needed than people knew themselves?  I think the word is
extinct.  The real pity is that ignorance of the POSITIVE benefits of
tighter environmental standards for business will NOT be universal, and
Michigan will LOSE LOSE LOSE competitive advantage and business if the
knights of the Round Table don't wake up.

The choice, dear industry lurkers, that the rest of us know, is that
simple.  All the conferences of dinosaurs claiming that the climate is not
changing will not stop the change. 

Entrepreneurs BY DEFINITION see the opportunities in changing situations; 
they don't fight change, they welcome it, and CAPITALIZE on it.   It's sad
that this council of industry leaders don't fit the definition. 

Jim Fackert

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