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E-M:/ Current MDEQ Calendar

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

The current (9/1/97) MDEQ "Calendar" is essential enviro reading 
because of the many important issues mentioned.  See:


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Among the items:

A Walter Zaremba Geological Survey division appeal in Antrim County (is this for
the drilling in the Jordan River Valley....  the notice gives a legal
description but not this all important information.....leave it 
to the MDEQ management to give notice without informing.

Federal Acid Rain permits for all of the largest electric utility 
plants in the state of Michigan.

Opacity and fugitive dust controls at the Empire mine, including
controls on tailings basins.  

Fugitive dust control on the Tilden mine tailings basin.

Public hearings on these if they are requested (one wonders if
MDEQ would hold the hearing in Lansing instead of the UP if

(one also  wonders if MDEQ Air Quality Division considered whether
or not these basin are sources of airborne asbestos or asbestosform
fibers in their consideration of the stringency of the controls....  also,
when will they get to the monster 3.5 square mile White Pine basin?)

Clean corporate citizen (CCC) status for the Chrysler Jefferson Assembly 
Plant (Detroit) and Sterling Heights plant  (did these plants have any
history of odor complaints??)  CCC status allows more latitude for
certain activities without prior MDEQ examination.

Title V clean air act operating permits for plastics plants in Howell and

A public hearing on a statewide waste site cleanup priority list.
(someone should figure out which of these priority sites are 
actually economic development projects where site grading/prep 
for new development takes place under the guise of "cleanup"..

An announcement about spill regulations as part of so-called "regulatory reform"

And a most interesting notice of an October 29, 1997 meeting of the East
Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association.   According to the 
MDEQ Calendar, this is what is going to go on at the meeting:

"Learn the latest on who your enforcement and political
officers are, what their priorities are, what your colleagues
experiences have been, and whether your facility is next in line for an
enforcement visit.   This is an opportunity to ask questions 
regarding priorities and enforcement actions from those "in the know."
The fall conference will provide an opportunity to do just that 
with presenters and speakers from Governor Engler's office, the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Michigan Department 
of Environmental Quality, Wayne County Department of
Environment, and industry representatives who have dealt 
face-to-face with enforcement efforts."

So, according to the MDEQ,  one can go to the 
AWMA meeting and learn "whether your facility is next
in line for an enforcement visit."   

Yes...brie on craclers, mixed drinks and enforcement discretion.....

Hmmmmmm....are John Engler's "political officers"
calling the shots on enforcement these days???

Those MDEQ enforcers must really be talking a lot these days...
or maybe things have plumetted since the days that Jack
Bails ran the Environmental Enforcement Division.

I guess this is a "must" meeting for all of those industry 
environmental management poeple out there and particularly
for all of the Honigman, Dykema and Warner-Norcross lawyers
out there.  Why, it would be utter environmental attorney
malpractice not to go to this meeting so you can learn if
your client "is next in line for an enforcement visit..."  After
all, good lawyers always try to keep their clients out of trouble.

MDEQ EXECUTIVE OFFICES]     " %#@*^+!!%$#@    Sagady.....
....taking things out of context again.   And who wrote this 
thing....get 'em up here right now."

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