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Certainly those of us in Michigan will be interested in this!

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I know it may be a dream but this would sure be great.  I think we need a
congressional election with lots of changes before it could ever pass.  But
it is nice to dream about it. Doug
McKinney Forest Protection Bill

 Monday (Sept. 8,97), Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) sent a
 letter to her fellow members of Congress indicating her intention to
 introduce the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act of 1997
 "to end the timber sales program on our federal public lands."

 McKinney's letter says that despite the "severe habitat destruction,
 agency corruption and lawlessness, floods, mudslides, and enormous
 losses to taxpayers" caused by 100 years of logging, "the timber
 industry's supporters in Congress are now threatening legislation
 which would increase logging levels, further erode environmental laws
 and government accountability, and foster the destruction of
 America's precious and irreplaceable natural heritage.  McKinney's
 legislation will:

 * end the timber sales program on National Forests, Bureau of Land
 Management (BLM) lands and National Wildlife Refuges, phasing out
 existing sales over two years;

 * it will redirect funds in agency off-budget logging accounts to
 worker retraining, as well as payments to states to compensate
 counties for reduction in revenue-sharing payments;

 * authorize appropriations for ecological restoration on federal
 public lands at a maximum of one-third the amount previously
 appropriated annually for expenses of the timber sales program; and

 * save taxpayers a net sum of over $300 million annually.

 McKinney is calling upon her fellow members of Congress to become
 original cosponsors of the "National Forest Protection and
 Restoration Act."   But they need to hear from you!  Please let your
 representative know that you want them to take a leadership role in
 forest protection efforts.  Ask them to become an **original**
 cosponsor of Rep. McKinney's bill.

 In June, Sierra Club launched a nationwide public outreach campaign
 to urge fundamental reform of the Forest Service and released a
 report -- "Stewardship or Stumps: National Forests at the Crossroads"
 --  marking 100 years of commercial logging in our National Forests.
 The report revealed that after one hundred years of allowing timber
 companies into our public forests, it is obvious that the Forest
 Service hasn't been able to maintain a balance between commercial
 logging and other critical purposes of our forests, such as providing
 wildlife habitat, recreation, and water quality protection.

      Doug La Follette         Wisconsin Secretary of State
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      Technology is of no use to us if it is used without respect for
the earth and its processes.
                                  - Aldo Leopold

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