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E-M:/ Breathe Free or Die...

Enviro-Mich message from Chad Bailey <crbailey@umich.edu>

Hello all,

I recently recieved this mailing from one of the major front groups for
industries opposed to the new Clean Air Act standards, Citizens for a
Sound Economy.  They are rallying their troops with a campaign of lies
geared toward slanting online debate about the Clean Air Standards their
way.  Thesea re the same people who on the floor of Congress suggested
"people can protect themselves" from air pollution, "they can avoid
jogging.  Asthmatic kids need not go out and ride their bikes."  Actually,
this is a quote froma n oil industry lobbyist, and the oil industry is a
huge backer of Citizens for a Sound Economy...

Please read this message and send questions considering BOTH sides of the
debate to :  www.pbs.org/newshour BEFORE 12:00 PM ON FRIDAY THE 12TH OF

From: Citizens For A Sound Economy <jordan@cse.org>
Subject: How Clean is Clean Enough?

The On-line NewsHour Forum intends to find out 
just how clean our air needs to be, and at what 
price, during a Q&A session between Paul 
Beckner, President of Citizens for a Sound 
Economy (CSE), and Carol Browner, the head of 
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
(EPA).  That's why CSE is e-mailing you today.

At issue are the highly controversial changes to 
the nation's air quality laws that President 
Clinton approved in July.  CSE has been 
involved in this battle since the EPA proposed 
these sweeping command-and-control style 
regulations in November of last year.  This 
cyber-version of Jim Lehrer's PBS newscast is 
actively soliciting questions from the public that 
will be posed to Mr. Beckner and Ms. Browner.  
We are encouraging all of our members and 
friends from around the country to submit their 
questions to www.pbs.org/newshour by 12:00 
noon EDT on Friday, September 12th.

Keep in mind the many questions that have 
surrounded theses standards from the 
beginning: are they necessary, what are the 
actual costs and do the ends justify the means? 
 Of course we all want clean air; CSE is 
attempting to inject a modicum of common 
sense into this issue.  Here are some facts that 
you may be aware of:


1.  The studies the EPA used to develop these (I SUPPOSE ALL 200+ INDEPEN-
standards are unreliable; the EPA has admitted DENTLY REVIEWED STUDIES ARE
to this.  A senior environmental advisor to 	FLAWED!)
President Jimmy Carter discovered a data error 
that forced the EPA to drastically decrease the 
number of people they claimed would die 
prematurely without these new standards.

2.  Even though our air is 30% cleaner than 25 	(HOWEVER, THE OZONE
years ago, the ranks of asthmatic children have STANDARD HASN'T BEEN
increased 73%  In fact, Newsweek recently 	CHANGED IN NEARLY 20
reported "...outdoor air pollution can't be driving YEARS!)
the asthma pandemic because it has improved 
in recent years."

3.  The EPA's own scientific advisory council (HENCE 5 YEARS OF STUDY ON 
cannot agree on what, if any, health benefits will 	CLEAR AIR INCLUDED
result from these standards.				IN LEGISLATION)


4.  The Clinton Administration estimates the 
costs of these new regulations wil be $8.5 
billion.  However, the Reason Public Policy 
Institute (RPPI) has estimated the price tag at 
between $90 and $150 billion!  Nationwide,	(WHAT ABOUT UP TO $120
RPPI estimates between 200,000 and 400,000 	BILLION IN HEALTH
jobs will be lost, and the average American's 	SAVINGS?)
disposable income will drop $250 to $450 each 
year.  This in turn, reduces overall economic 
activity and employment.

Remember -- the On-Line Newshour Forum is 
asking that all questions be submitted to 
www.pbs.org/newshour by 12:00 noon EDT, 	(I'D SUGGEST DOING THIS!)
Friday, September 12th.  The results of the Q&A 
session will be posted on Saturday -- don't forget 
to check that out as well.  As always, Citizens 
for a Sound Economy thanks you for your 
activism and interest.

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