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E-M:/ Last Great Wilderness Program -- WMEAC Sponsored Grand Rapids Appearance

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West Michigan Environmental Action Council

For Immediate Release

EVENT: "The Last Great Wilderness" show, a wonderful interactive
   multi-media  presentation on the threats facing the Arctic    National
Wildlife Refuge - home to the most spectacular and    awe-inspiring gathering
of wildlife in the United States.

SPEAKER: Lenny Kohm, acclaimed environmental photographer,  and Alvie Josie,
a    member of the Gwich'in Nation, a native group of people spanning Alaska,
  the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory of Canada.

SPONSOR: West Michigan Environmental Action Council

DATE: September 24, 1997

PLACE: Grand Rapids Community College 
  Applied Technology Center  
  Cnr Ransom and Fountain    at 7.30 pm

Carriage House
Aquinas College
1607 Robinson SE  at 12.30pm

COST: by donation


Lenny Kohm, a widely known environmental photographer and Alvie Josie, a
member of the Gwich'in Nations will speak throughout Michigan during
September.  The tandem will present the Last Great Wilderness Show, a
multi-media presentation in the unique environment and culture of the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge and the immediate threats to its survival.

For over a decade, Lenny Kohm has been traveling all across the United States
to warn people of the devastating impacts oil drilling would have on one  of
America's unique treasures.  In the summer of 1987, Kohm was contracted by a
national environmental magazine about  a possible assignment to photograph
the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.  Since
then, he has left behind his journalistic neutrality and has devoted his life
to assisting aboriginal people in trying to protect their cultural and
environmental valves from irresponsible industrial development.

The Arctic Refuge, which has been called "America's Serengeti", has been
coveted by multi-national oil companies and their congressional allies for
oil exploration and development, despite poll that show 70 percent of
Americans want the Refuge protected for future generations.  In an effort to
permanently protect this last great wilderness, bi-partisan legislation has
been introduced in both the House (H.R. 900) and the Senate (S.531) to
designate the Refuge as a wilderness area.  A number of Michigan
representatives have already cosponsored the bill including David Bonier,
House Minority Whip, who traveled to the Refuge this summer

Kohm will be traveling with Native Gwich'in,  Alvie Josie, a man educated in
both his traditional and western cultures, who has long been active in this
fight to protect the Refuge, the caribou, and his people.

RSVP: For the evening showing, please reserve your spot by  Monday, September
22nd to West Michigan Environmental Action Council 451-3051. 


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