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Enviro-Mich message from ThomPete@aol.com

>Attached below is a sample of the information that I can provide to any
>advocates in Michigan who need summary information on ISTEA enhancement
>projects for their county.  From the 9/21/97 Detroit Free Press editorial,
>looks like some people have gotten the word on the value of the enhancement
>program.  (Thanks, Ben, for posting this.)
>It is still important to contact Congresspersons this week.  I believe our
>message should be that the enhancement program should be maintained, that
>these funds should remain as set-asides and not be flexed, and that the
>popularity of the projects in every part of the state indicates a large,
>unmet need for more bike and ped facilities.
>In Grand Rapids, the White Pine Trail development on the north end of town
>and the Gilette Bridge rehabilitation on the southwestern edge only serve to
>point out the missing link through GR proper.  Much good work has been done,
>yet much remains to be done.  Reauthorize ISTEA for five more years, please!
>Thom Peterson
>Kent County Bike/Ped Projects
>funded through the ISTEA Enhancement Program 
>and administered by Michigan Department of Transportation
>1.  Honey Creek Bike Path
>	Project #:	ENH92114
>	Applicant:	Kent County Road Commission
>	Description:	Bike path from 4 Mile Rd to Cannonsburg Rd
>	Awarded:	$46,780
>	Local Match:	$11,695  (20%)
>	Project Cost:		$58,475
>2.  Kent Trail Connectors
>	Project #:	ENH92115
>	Applicant:	Kent County Road Commission
>	Description:	Improved intersection trail connectors at various locations
>along the existing (bike/ped) Kent Trails in Kent County
>	Awarded:	$34,875
>	Local Match:	$23,250  (40%)
>	Project Cost:		$58,125
>3.  Kentwood Rail Trails - Phase One
>	Project #:	ENH95050
>	Applicant:	City of Kentwood
>	Description:	Develop asphalt trail and parking areas, 52nd St and Schaffer
>Ave to Wing Ave.
>	Awarded:	$42,950
>	Local Match:	$42,950  (50%)
>	Project Cost:		$85,900
>4.  Grand River Drive Bike Path
>	Project #:	ENH95147
>	Applicant:	Kent County Road Commission
>	Description:	Construct 4-ft paved shoulders on each side of street, from
>Buttrick Ave to Snow Ave in Cascade Township.
>	Awarded:	$110,000
>	Local Match:	$110,000  (50%)
>	Project Cost:		$220,000
>5.  Ramsdell Drive Bike Path
>	Project #:	ENH95150
>	Applicant:	Kent County Road Commission
>	Description:	Construct bike path along Ramsdell Dr between Cannonsburg Dr
>and 10 Mile Rd in Cannon Township.
>	Awarded:	$165,000
>	Local Match:	$165,000
>	Project Cost:		$330,000
>6.  Kentwood Rail Trails - Phase Two
>	Project #:	ENH96157
>	Applicant:	City of Kentwood
>	Description:	Construct non-motorized trail on existing abandoned railroad
>between Kalamazoo Ave @ 44th St and 52nd St
>	Awarded:	$69,890
>	Local Match:	$69,890  (50%)
>	Project Cost:		$139,780
>7.  White Pine Trail Development
>	Project #:	ENH97079
>	Applicant:	MDNR Forest Mgt Div and MDNR Parks & Rec Div
>	Description:	Construct asphalt non-motorized trail and bridges from
>Courtland St in Rockford to North Park St in Walker
>	Awarded:	$480,000
>	Local Match:	$120,000  (20%)
>	Project Cost:		$600,000
>8.  Gilette Bridge Rehab
>	Project #:	ENH97115
>	Applicant:	City of Grand Rapids
>	Description:	Rehab of historic light railroad bridge over Grand River for
>multi use nonmotorized purposes.
>	Awarded:	$265,000
>	Local Match:	$115,000  (30%)
>	Project Cost:		$380,000
>	Awarded:	$1,214,495
>	Local Match:	$657,785  (35%)
>	Projects Cost:	$1,872,280
>Points to Note:
>	  Combined local match was 35%.  This indicates a) real community support
>for the projects, and b) knowledge of keen competition for scarce resources.
>	  Besides these eight projects that were funded, applicants in the County
>submitted 16 bike/ped projects that were not funded.  This is further
>evidence of a pent up demand for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  ISTEA
>reauthorization is needed to assure that these public transportation demands
>are met.
>	  These projects begin to create a network of facilities.  A connected set
>of routes will provide recreational, commuter and utilitarian bicyclists an
>opportunity to show that significant reductions in car trips can occur when
>safe facilities are designed and built.
>	  The Grand Valley Metro Council has adopted a Comprehensive Bike Plan for
>the greater Grand Rapids area.  We need continued funding, especially
>including funding for a dedicated coordinator of nonmotorized
>to make the plan a reality.
>	  There were eight more enhancement projects funded in Kent County during
>this period that were not related to bicycle or pedestrian facilities.  They
>included five brick street restoration projects, the rehabilitation of a
>famous Fallasburg covered bridge, streetscape improvements in Lowell, and an
>inventory of road/stream crossings for non-point source pollution.  All
>the Enhancement Program brought $2,287,404 in federal transportation funds
>Kent County in the 1992-97 period.  The total local match was $1,161,266,
>a total of $3,448,670 in improvements.
>Compiled by Thom Peterson, Transportation Working Group, West Michigan
>Environmental Action Council, 1432 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506, 
>616-451-3051, fax 451-3054.
>From information provided by Paul McAllister, Enhancement Program Manager,
>MDOT, PO Box 30050, Lansing MI 48909.

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