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Re: E-M:/ stop waste imports

Enviro-Mich message from "Scott Cabot Heinzman" <sheinzman@sprynet.com>

The over abundance of landfill space in Michigan causes everything posted
by the Ecology Center. Support for S.4 is very important.

To go a step further and to make sure there isn't any confusion, the
issue of incineration also enters into the waste disposal picture. My
big concern is that if legislators are lead to believe landfills are
bad, they could end up thinking incineration is a better option. Sadly,
public officials can be conned into believing this is a good waste
disposal method.

The Central Wayne Authority is trying to double the capacity of it's
incinerator. The DEQ will make a determination on the permit application
by years end.

If you do contact your elected officials, please tell them not only to
support reducing the importation of waste to Michigan landfills, but the
expansion of incineration facilities also. Be sure to remind them that
incineration creates and concentrates highly toxic substances like heavy
metals and dioxins which are emitted into the air, landfilled and/or
released into the ground via water runoff. And incineration is far less
desireable than even landfilling.


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