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Enviro-Mich message from MIKE HUTH <mdhuth@gossgraphic.com>

In my most recent electric bill from Consumers Energy (SW Michigan), the
following card was inserted, the backside listing all Senate and
Congressional contacts.  I have copied the wording verbatim:

"New EPA Rules Would Cost You $1000 A Year
Michigan's air quality has improved dramatically, thanks in part to hundreds
of millions of dollars Consumers Energy and many other Michigan
businesses have spent on pollution controls.

Now the Environmental Protection Agency has issued new air quality
standards that even the EPA's own scientific review board doesn't agree
will result in proven health benefits.  

President Clinton's own Council of Economics Advisors and others have
estimated that just one of the EPA's new regulations will cost up to $60
billion per year.  In Michigan, the cost to each household would be more
than $1000 per year, which would result from the following:

- Significantly increased utility bills
- Loss of federal highway funds used to repair state roads
- Reduced state jobs, by stopping growth of existing industries
- Costly controls on most businesses including gas stations, dry cleaners
and fast food restaurants
- Personal lifestyle changes such as controls on household products,
mandated car pooling and auto emission testing, and requiring expensive,
reformulated gasoline.

That's why the Michigan State Senate and House of Representatives, the
US Conference of Mayors, 27 state governors, and the US chamber of
Commerce oppose EPA's action.

Congress has the opportunity to stop these onerous new EPA rules.  If you
would like to encourage your elected representatives in Washington to
oppose these new regulations, please note the list of Senators and
members of Congress on the reverse side."

I am not an expert in clean air or the extent of the new EPA rules, but on its
face, this seems a rather over stated case.  I live in the Chicago area, and
several years ago, an organization named CUB (Citizens Utility Board) won
the right to enclose opposing information (usually regarding rates and
policies) right in the envelope with the electric bill.  Perhaps with
deregulation (loss of monopoly), this will no longer be the case, but it
would be nice if a balancing piece from the enviro-side was available with
this card.

Anyone got a rebuttal?

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