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E-M:/ Consumers Insert

Enviro-Mich message from MICHDAVE@aol.com

Greetings folks,

I spoke with Dan Bishop of Consumers Energy regarding the alarmist insert. It
would appear the dollar figures and lifestyle changes, should the EPA
standards see the light of day, came from a study by the Wharton Business
Institute ? I was promised a copy that has yet to arrive. Consumers is
concerned about the cost to retrofit exisitng facilities to meet new
standards and feels confident  that they are making great strides in meeting
reductions in the next five year phase of the Clean Air Act. Basically they
want the Feds off their backs. Mr. Bishop even suggested that this additional
cost  could prompt another look at nuclear energy. ( Talk about expense!!) I
suggested that a good corporate neighbor does not ask consumers( you and me)
to decide between two bad choices. Also, I reminded Mr. Bishop that the jobs
or the environment argument was being worn a little thin and citizens stopped
buying that  line about three years ago. Mr. Bishop was quick to point out
that EPA Science Board lacked consensus. I pointed out the hundreds of
peer-reviewed studies that culminated in the new standards vs his one Wharton
study. To his credit he did not argue the health savings issue but was quick
to point out Consumer Energy's responsibility to deliver inexpensive energy.
In reponse to Consumers poor record with renewable energy..........Michigan
doesn't get alot of sun.  
Keep the faith and fight the good fight.

Michelle Hurd Riddick

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