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E-M:/ Deep Ecology Community Leadership Workshop

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Date: Wed, 8 Oct 97 21:38:59 EDT
From: "Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center" <uplandhills@igc.org>
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Subject: Deep Ecology Community Leadership Workshop

   => The Institute for Deep Ecology's Community Leadership Workshop <=
            Nov. 7-9, 1997 at Circle Pines in Delton, Michigan
                       (Registration ends Oct. 24)


The Institute for Deep Ecology (IDE) partners with Circle Pines to present a 
weekend designed to introduce the philosophical principles of deep ecology 
and help participants connect the principles with their implications for 
everyday life.  Experiential exercises will promote community building and 
connecting with the other than human.  Presenters will show the links between
ecosystems and economic/political systems.

The IDE, a project of the Tides Foundation based in Occidental, CAlif., 
conducts residential training in applied deep ecology.  This and other 
weekend workshops extend the base of knowledge to interested communities 
across the country.

Faculty:  IDE faculty members Stephanie Mills and Elan Shapiro will 
lead the workshop.

STEPHANIE MILLS is an author and ecologist who for more than 25 years has 
been writing and speaking about the tragic devastation of the living world, 
and the hope for the restoration of our bioregions.  Mills has written and 
spoken extensively on a range of subjects including overpopulation, consensus
decision-making, bioregionalism, the wild, and sense of place.  Her articles 
and book reviews have appeared in "Whole Earth Review", "Utne Reader", 
"E Magazine", "Raise the Stakes", and numerous anthologies.  She is the 
author of "Whatever Happened to Ecology?" and "In Service to the Wild: 
Restoring and Reinhabiting Damaged Land".  Mills is the editor of "In Praise 
of Nature" and the forthcoming "Turning Away from Technology: A New Vision 
for the 21st Century".  Stephanie Mills lives on the Leelanau Peninsula of 

ELAN SHAPIRO, founder of Sustainable Living Associates, designs collaborative 
learning programs that group people in their inner processes and their bodies,
while bonding them with their communities and their places.  He integrates 
the perspectives of ecopsychology, bioregionalism, and multiculturalism with 
hands-on projects, including nature study, community gardening, and habitat 
restoration.  He and his family are members of Ecovillage Ithaca, a model 
sustainable community.

Accommodations: Sleeping rooms at the Circle Pines center are in simply 
furnished renovated farm buildings.  Home cooked vegetarian meals will be 
served buffet style in the Farm House.  Conference rooms will be available 
for all sessions, but there is opportunity to be outdoors in the farmland 
and forest at Circle Pines.


The cost of the 2 1/2 day workshop is $140-165 (sliding scale). 
A limited number of scholarships are available.

To register, please send your name, address, and phone number, 
together with a $25 deposit (non-refundable) by Oct. 24 to:

    Circle Pines
    8650 Mullen Rd.
    Delton, MI  49046

Please mention any special needs you may have.  All meals will be 
vegetarian.  For more information, call Mike Denty, (616)897-4254, 
or Circle Pines (616)623-5555.


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