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Re: E-M:/ "Takings" .. a Christian Evangelical perspective

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In a message dated 97-10-08 13:32:17 EDT, SWDulan writes:

<< When you say "it" in "comes down strongly against it" to what are you
referring? Against takings?   Against compensation for landowners?  Against
regulation?  Help us to understand you.
 -Steven W. Dulan, Esq. 
 Attorney at Law >>

...sorry, I was in a hurry when I did the post ..had to get to my job.. 
the booklet by EEN presents arguments *against* takings legislation ... they
*do* support some compensation for landowners in some cases ..  maybe this
will help  - let me quote some of a resolution passed by the Christian
Environmental Council (the EEN, Evangelical Environmental Network, serves as
the CEC's secretariat; the CEC is comprised of leaders in the Christian
environmental movement nationwide) 
OK - here is some of their resolution: "Private Property and the Common Good
- Evangelicals and the "Takings" Issue"

"We affirm that while Scripture affords certain protection to property
interests, it also teaches that those interests may only be exercised in a
manner that is compatible with the common good, and does no harm to
neighbors." [ "neighbors" here includes more than humans]

"We affirm that governmental authorities have a legitimate, God-ordained role
in guarding justice and fostering a proper balance between private property
interests and common interests."

"We support the right of individuals to own property and make legitimate use
of it, *so long as that use does not unduly interfere with protection and
stewardship of creation, including species, wilderness, and natural

"We encourage Christians to be vigilant against legislative efforts to
undermine a Biblical understanding of the common good."

-- There's more, but that gives you an idea .. AND here is an excellent quote
from the booklet itself:  (this is in answer to property rights advocates who
cite "God-given" rights that they say are violated by Govt)

" We have concluded that there is no scriptural basis for the legislative
proposals that have been put forth to date by the property rights movement.
Quite on the contrary, these proposals are premised on beliefs that Scripture
consistently and emphatically demands that we reject. Overall, we believe
that the spirit, attitudes, and assumptions that underlie the property rights
movement are at odds with the scriptural ethic governing our relationship
with the land and our neighbors who dwell in it."

I hope that clears it up a bit-

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