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E-M:/ GLNPO Request for Preproposals through "FY98-99 Great Lakes Priorities and Funding

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>USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is now requesting
>the submission of preproposals for GLNPO funding.  This request is part
>of the FY98-99 Great Lakes Priorities and Funding Guidance (Funding
>Guidance).  The Great Lakes Funding Guidance identifies Great Lakes
>priorities, solicits Preproposals for assistance projects, and describes
>other Federal Great Lakes funding opportunities.  The deadline for
>submission of Preproposals is January 15, 1998.
>Please look at
>for all the details!
>GLNPO is requesting Preproposals for a total of up to $3.7 million in
>funding targeted to:
>  -  Contaminated Sediments ($1.4 million)
>  -  Pollution Prevention ($700 thousand)
>  -  Assessment/Indicators ($200 thousand)
>  -  Habitat Protection and Restoration ($1.1 million)
>  -  Exotic Species ($300 thousand)
>Funding targets are subject to change for various reasons, including
>Congressional and Agency action.
>The Funding Guidance also includes a "roadmap" describing some of the
>other Federal funding available for Great Lakes environmental priorities
>through USEPA, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Fish and
>Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers.
>DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY:  Copies of the Great Lakes Funding Guidance are
>being mailed to a group which includes the to recipients of last year's
>mailing and others who have requested copies.  To be added to our
>distribution list, please contact Larry Brail,
>brail.lawrence@epamail.epa.gov.  The Great Lakes Funding Guidance is
>also available from the GLNPO home page:
>Office, 77 West Jackson Blvd., G-17J, Chicago, IL 60604 Attention:
>Michael Russ (phone: 312-886-4013; E-mail:

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