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Re: E-M:/ Make Polluters Pay

Enviro-Mich message from SWDulan@aol.com

Regarding the changes to Superfund:

I have some concerns about the current law due to a recent telvised report
that showed abuses in the current system that led to the federal government
coming down hard on some small business owners who had happened to use their
local landfill quite legally and innocently.  The bureaucrats charged with
enforcement, and the legislators who voted for it, say that current law
mandates such actions, though no one thinks it is right, just, or effective.

I would like to hear some explanation regarding how such abuses will be dealt
with in the revised law before I throw support to strengthening current law.

I would also like to take a moment to challenge the assumption of a recent
poster that everyone on this list is "left of center".  In fact, I am very
concerned with environmental issues because I am a hunter and spend a lot of
time outdoors enjoying nature.  I am also a prospective parent and feel a
responsibility to the next generation.  Neither of these makes me "left of

The truth is that I am essentially a libertarian (small "l", not a card
carrier), which means that I believe in as little government as possible.  I
happen to feel that protecting the environment is a legitimate function of
government.  However, I have an antipathy towards increasing government
regulation.  This means that to satisfy people like me, each regulation must
be justified with hard scientific evidence, and be clearly thought out with
respect to the practical impact on peoples' lives.  

In other words, I am a skeptic.  Just mentioning the names of large
corporations is not enough for me to respond to the call to arms.  I am
willing to further educate myself.  Please point me towards websites that
reveal relevant facts.

Steven W. Dulan J.D.
Attorney at Law

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