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E-M:/ CAFE standard....vs....a gas tax substitute

Enviro-Mich message from Davedbike@aol.com

Here's what the NY Times said about the CAFE standard, in reference to the
following book.  In fact, I bought a copy and agree.  We'd be better to
substitute an appropriate increase in the federal gas tax and eliminate the
CAFE standard all together.  My two cents.  :)  

To order the book, see: http://www.epn.org/tcf/catnew39.html

Dave DeRight
Augusta, MI

The Extra Mile: Rethinking Energy Policy for Automotive Transportation

If the federal government had increased the gasoline tax by 25 cents a gallon
in 1985, Americans would use less fuel and the nation would have a more
sensible, efficient energy conservation plan than under the politically
appealing but otherwise flawed miles per gallon standard imposed on car
makers. That is a major finding of The Extra Mile, which concludes that a
policy aimed at reducing gasoline consumption has had just the opposite
effect. Policymakers cannot continue to have it both ways, say the authors:
wringing their hands about the national debt,  gridlocked highways, global
warming, unfair foreign competition, and reliance on insecure oil supplies,
while clinging to unsatisfactory policies.  The book also includes a detailed
comparison of gasoline taxes in the United States and other industrialized
nations, both in terms of the amount levied and the political considerations
that go into forming various tax systems. The story of how Americans learned
to stop worrying and live with the mileage standards is a cautionary tale of
our times.

x The New York Times

A Twentieth Century Fund Book
200 Pages, 0-8157-6092, $31.95, cloth
0-8157-6091, $12.95, paper
Publisher: The Brookings Institution 

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