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E-M:/ Abraham, "one size fits all" enviro letter

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Okay, I don't expect that a US Senator will personally respond to the
thousands of constituent letters they get every year. But you do sort of hope
for a letter that bears some passing mention of the issue you wrote about in
the first place.  It might even be nice if it is written about the
Congressional Session that has just been completed, instead of one
completed at the end of 1996.  That is clearly too high a rung for Senator

Also, it is really touching that his polls show that on environmental issues
he should try to link his name to environmental organizations, but when he
gets a letter from the Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club urging support for
action on the Pictured Rocks road issue, you would THINK even the overworked,
underpaid, punch in the numbers, print out the robo-letter menial staff in the
office MIGHT just know that the letter they are sending out specifically
mentions, without our knowledge or consent, OUR organization, and might edit
it to remove it!! This list of issues, also, is in fact last years Republican
banner list -- perhaps they are too embarassed talk about the stealth
campaigns to destroy the environment in this Congress? Same agenda, just less

Question:  How many others of you out there have gotten this exact letter from
Mr. Abraham recently?  Check whether they left out a word (be) in the second
sentence to be sure!! I would be curious to keep a running tab on this -- hey,
if you write a letter to Spence right now, you too could have your on,
personalized robo-letter for enviros response, maybe before Christmas!!

"November 9, 1997

Ms. Alison Horton
Mackinac Chapter - Sierra Club
300 North Washington Square, Suite 411
Lansing, Michigan 48933

Dear Ms. Horton:

Thank you for contacting me regarding efforts to safeguard the environment.  I
agree that initiatives aimed at protecting America's rich natural resources
should a top priority.

In the 104th Congress a great deal of legislation was enacted providing a
cleaner, healthier and safer environment.  In the last two years, 11 new
environmental laws were passed while only one law was passed, under Democratic
leadership in the 103rd Congress.

During these last two years I have done my best to propose and support bills
that recognize my commitment to a cleaner environment.  I was proud to vote
for bills such as "The Safe Drinking Water Act," "Coastal Zone Management
Act," "Food Quality Protection Act," "Sustainable Fisheries Act," and the
"Water Resources Development Act."  Leading environmental groups such as the
Sierra Club, American Rivers and the Natural Resources Development Act, to
name a few, all have publicly stated their support for these measures.

I strongly support policies that embody a commonsense approach to preserving
our environment.  In my view, the federal government can keep regulations from
being unduly burdensome and unnecessarily expensive while, at the same time,
protecting America's natural resources.  As a father of three, I want my
children and future generations to be able to enjoy a clean environment.

In that task, I appreciate knowing your views.

Thank you again for your communication.


Spencer Abraham"

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