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E-M:/ Thanks Lake Superior Activists in Michigan!

Enviro-Mich message from "LISA S. YEE" <YEE@nwf.org>

TO:   Enviro-Mich folks:
FROM:  Lisa S. Yee, National Wildlife Federation
RE: Thanks For Your Help to Protect Lake Superior!
DATE:  11/29/97
I thought you all would be interested to see a copy of the final sign-on 
letter that was sent to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
on Nov. 28th in support of an "Outstanding National Resource Water"
(ONRW) designation to protect Lake Superior from increased dumping of
toxic chemicals into the world's greatest lake.

Over 100 groups and individuals signed on to the letter, representing
thousands of Michigan residents from all over the state.  Thanks
Enviro-Mich for helping spread the word on this important issue!  Many of
the sign-ons came from folks on this list.

Although the public comment periods for all 3 Lake Superior states on the
Lake Superior special designation issue have ended (with Michigan and
Minnesota recommending a weaker designation for Lake Superior and
Wisconsin dragging its feet on a suggested designation), much work
remains to get local governments to pass resolutions in support of an
"Outstanding National Resource Water" (ONRW) designation for Lake
Superior to continue to build support at the local level for this important
protective designation.  Legal avenues for pursuing the ONRW
designation are also being considered.

If you would like to help get a Lake Superior "ONRW" resolution passed
with your local government body, please contact me.  You can also
check out sample resolutions on our web site:




Lisa S. Yee, National Wildlife Federation
Lake Superior & Biodiversity Project Organizer
E-mail: yee@nwf.org
Phone: (313) 769-3351    Fax: (313) 769-1449
November 28, 1997

Brenda Sayles
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Surface Water Quality Division
P. O. Box 30273
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7773
Fax: (517) 373-9958

Subject:  Comments on Proposed Rule Addressing Lake
Superior Special Designations (Rule 323.1098)

Dear Ms. Sayles:

     We are writing to address concerns regarding revisions to Rule
323.1098 addressing Lake Superior special designations proposed by
the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  The federal
Clean Water Act requires governments to ensure that clean waters
remain clean.  In particular, water bodies of exceptional recreational or
ecological significance must be designated as a federal "Outstanding
National Resource Water" (ONRW) where no new or increased
discharges of dangerous chemicals are allowed.

     Lake Superior is an ONRW, by definition, because it has exceptional
recreational and ecological significance.  Lake Superior is the world's
largest freshwater lake by surface area, contains one-tenth of the
world's fresh water, and supports a diverse cultural heritage and
lifestyles that rely on the high quality of Lake Superior's waters.  This 
includes the sixteen tribes of the Anishinabe Nation that ring the lake. 
Lake Superior dominates the weather pattern in the region, and supports
many forms of outdoor recreation, including fishing, hunting, hiking,
kayaking, and sailing.  Lake Superior is also the only remaining Great
Lake clean enough to support lake trout reproduction.

     The MDEQ's proposal for a Lake Superior designation falls short of
this duty.  The MDEQ has made a two-part proposal.  First, the
Department has proposed to maintain theOutstanding State Resource
Waters ("OSRW") designation for certain tributaries to, and surface
waters within, Lake Superior. Second, the Department has proposed to
designate all remaining surface waters within the Lake Superior basin as
Outstanding International Resource Waters ("OIRW").  

     The Department's proposal to designate some of the waters within
the Lake Superior Basin as OSRW is flawed.  By structuring the test to
prohibit "lowering" water quality, the OSRW designation places the onus
on those who would protect Lake Superior's water quality, rather than
on those who would pollute it.  Furthermore, the proposal is irrational
because waters within the lake do not stay within human boundaries. 
They mix.  For that reason, the quality of the waters within Lake Superior
and the Lake Superior basin will deteriorate until it reaches the
lowest common denominator.  MDEQ's plan of lesser-protective
designations within the same water basin is therefore bound to nullify
the protection the OSRW designation would otherwise provide. 

     The Department's proposal to designate the rest of the waters within
the Lake Superior Basin as OIRW suffers from fundamental
shortcomings.  First, the OIRW designation is not a significant step
towards achieving zero discharge because it will allow new or
increased discharges of the most dangerous pollutants.  Second, the
OIRW designation does not cover many of the most dangerous and
persistent organic chemicals--it applies to only nine chemicals,
five of which are already completely or partially banned from discharge
or production.  Third, the OIRW designation applies only to point sources
when diffuse sources such as air  pollution, agricultural and stormwater
runoff, and contaminated sediments contribute more significantly to
Lake Superior pollution.

     For the above-mentioned reasons, we the undersigned groups and
individuals, representing thousands of Michigan residents, urge you to
classify all Lake Superior Basin waters as "Outstanding National
Resource Waters"  to protect us from the most toxic chemicals and
other pollutants that threaten our families and the state's waters.  Lake
Superior deserves nothing less.


American Federation of Government Employees 
AFL-CIO, Local 3908
--Patricia L. Van Hoof
	Ann Arbor, MI

American Lung Association of Michigan
--Elliot Levinsohn
	Lansing, MI

Audubon Society of Kalamazoo
--Russ Schipper
	Kalamazoo, MI

AuSable Manistee Action Council
--Dan L. Alstott
	Grayling, MI

--Vern Simula
	Toivola, MI

Joseph Badura
	Lansing, MI

 P. A. Beckjord
	Ann Arbor, MI

Jacqueline Bird
	Marquette, MI
R. M. Brengle, Jr.
	Highland, MI

Linda A. Briggs
	Lansing, MI

Jasan Troy Bryan
	Williamston, MI

Central U.P. Sierra Club
--John Rebers
	Marquette, MI

Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
	Lake, MI

Dennis Crispell
	Montrose, MI

Kathleen Dokter
	Flint, MI

Kathleen M. Eales
	Chelsea, MI

Ecology Center of Ann Arbor
--Mary Beth Doyle
	Ann Arbor, MI

Cynthia Engelmann
	Burton, MI

The Environmental Clearinghouse
--Trisha Miller
	Ann Arbor, MI

Friends of the Land of Keweenaw
--Mike Donofrio
	Baraga, MI

Kevin Fuchs
	Kalamazoo, MI

 Ilse Gebhard
	Kalamazoo, MI

Genesee Audubon
--S. Johnson
	Grand Blanc, MI

Brian Geshel
	Lake Linden, MI

Kevin Geshel
	Atlantic Mine, MI

Lori Geshel
	Atlantic Mine, MI

Mary Geshel
	Lake Linden, MI

Sharon Gibson
	Swartz Creek, MI

Will Gibson, Ph.D.
	Ann Arbor, MI

Carol Graham
	Flushing, MI

Great Lakes Adventure Club
--Tim Murphy	Delton, MI

Great Lakes United (Michigan members)
--Margaret Wooster
	Buffalo, NY

William P. Hamilton
	Marquette, MI

David Harmon
	Atlantic Mine, MI

James R. Harmon
	Marquette, MI

Paul Haas
	Plainwell, MI

Sherry Hayden
	Flint, MI

Karen Henson
	Lapeer, MI

Ann Hunt
	Lake, MI

Rainy L. Inman
	E. Lansing, MI

Pamela Jakiela
	Ann Arbor, MI

C. Julien
	Chassell, MI

Kalamazoo Downstreamers Environmental Committee
--Tim Murphy
	Delton, MI

Ariana King
	Ann Arbor, MI
Joshua King
	Ann Arbor, MI

Nicole Laux
	Marquette, MI

League of Conservation Voters
Education Fund
--Lisa Wozniak
	Ypsilanti, MI

Thomas Leonard
	Grand Rapids, MI

Patricia Lewis
	Flint, MI

Judith Linton
	Ann Arbor, MI

Lone Tree Council
--Terry R. Miller
	Bay City, MI

Gregory M. Maxosn
	Ann Arbor, MI

Carol McAnulty
	Marquette, MI

Michigan Ecumenical Consultation
on Christianity and Ecology
--Rev. Steven L. Johns-Boehme
	Lansing, MI

Michigan Environmental Council
--Dave Dempsey
	Lansing, MI

Michigan Green Party--Thomas R. Benaway
	Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan Natural Areas Council
--Sylvia Taylor
	Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Student Assembly
Environmental Issues Commission
--Mona Hanna
	Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Union of Student Environmentalists
--Terry Carpenter
	Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan United Conservation Clubs
--Rick Jameson
	Lansing, MI

Shana Milkie
	Ann Arbor, MI

 Cynthia Mills
	Kalamazoo, MI

Deb Mohler
	Rapid River, MI

Liz Moray
	Ann Arbor, MI

Mott Community College 
Environmental Club
--Suzanne Lossing
	Flint, MI

Terry Naderhoff
	Flint, MI

National Wildlife Federation
Great Lakes Natural Resource Center
--Wayne Schmidt
	Ann Arbor, MI

Virginia Nickerson
	Ann Arbor, MI

Kathy Paulson
	Escanaba, MI

Victoria Pebbles
	Ann Arbor, MI

Shawn Pederson
	Marquette, MI

Debi Peters
	Goodrich, MI

Richard Posey
	Marquette, MI

Sam Qualls
	Kalamazoo, MI

Todd Rabza
	Ann Arbor, MI

Jeffrey Rauch
	Ann Arbor, MI

Sands Township
--Earle Yelle
	Gwinn, MI

Russ Schipper
	Kalamazoo, MI

Gordie Schneider
	Lapeer, MI

Sue Schneider	
          Lapeer, MI

Edith Semenow
	Kalamazoo, MI

Sierra Club, Kalamazoo Valley Group
--Cynthia Mills
	Kalamazoo, MI

Sierra Club, Nepessing Group
--Linda Becker
	Davison, MI

Sierra Club, North Country Trail
--Harry Harding
	Flint, MI

Addie See
	Marquette, MI

Kathy Snooks
	Lake, MI

Lee Snooks
	Lake, MI

Students Organized to Promote Food Awareness
--Suzanne Hague
	Ann Arbor, MI

Students Organized to Recycle and Reuse
Organic Waste
--Reiko Ando
	Ann Arbor, MI
Dennis Summers
	Oak Park, MI

Mark Talmadge
	Flint, MI

Elena Takaki
	Ann Arbor, MI

Valerie Talsma
	Ann Arbor, MI

Sarah A. Thayer
	E. Lansing, MI

Mark Thompson
	Flushing, MI

University of Michigan Environmental 
Justice Group
--Allison Clements
	Ann Arbor, MI

Noel R. Urban
	Chassell, MI

Mary Grace F. Villanueva
	East Lansing, MI

Natalie Waddell
	East Lansing, MI

Charles Warner
	Swartz Creek, MI

West Michigan Environmental Action Council
--Jenny Allen
	Grand Rapids, MI

Wendy A. Woods
	Ann Arbor, MI


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