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E-M:/ Speaker on the health effects of low-level radiation

Enviro-Mich message from Christa Bridget Williams <starsha@umich.edu>

Ernest Sternglass PhD, Professor Emeritus in Radiology at the University
of Pittsburgh, is coming to talk about his research on the health effects
of low-level radiation exposure.  His talk will discuss the evidence of
health effects demonstrated by above ground nuclear weapons testing, Three
Mile Island, and Chernobyl.  He has been looking at low-birth weight and
prematurity rates, incidence of childhood leukemia and other invasive
cancers, and breast cancer in the metro Detroit area finding for
correlations between these rates and airborn discharges from the Fermi II
nuclear power plant in Monroe, MI.  Those same correlations have been
found within 50 mile radii of some other plants around the US.

The location and food are sponsored by the U of M medical school branch of
Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Time:  12:00 noon, Wednesday December 3, 1997
Place:  University of Michigan Medical School, Med Sci I (that's the
	bldg), Ann Arbor, MI

If you are interested in coming and need directions please e-mail me,
Christa Williams at starsha@umich.edu.


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