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<< I haven't followed who's who in this discussion, but i do have two
 1)  Please drop the condescending tone

Jerrod: Agreed, and apologies.

 2)  The price of gasoline does not reflect the negative externalities.
 Two ways the government can try to correct the resulting economic
 inefficiency is to tax gasoline up to a price that does include external
 costs or to try to reduce consumption by regulation (e.g., fuel efficiency
Jerrod: I am reminded of someone's observation regarding the "costs" of
population increases that people have hands as well as mouths. Sure, there
are external costs. But there are external benefits too! Simple example - gas
taxes pay for roads that emergency vehicles can use to save lives & property.
In principle, as a principled private property/private rights extremist (i.e.
card carrying Libertarian) I agree with your observation, but let's look at
both sides of the ledger when doing the accounting.

 -John S.

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