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E-M:/ Detroit Waste Cleanups

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            For Immediate Release: November 26, 1997 

            No. 97-OPA321 

            CONTINUES AT 2 OTHERS 

            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 said today
            that hazardous waste cleanups have recently been completed at two
            Detroit sites: AABCO Waste Oil and Metro Plating. Cleanup is
            continuing at two other sites, Durako Paint and Bostwick Drum. 

            EPA's Grosse Ile, MI, Superfund emergency response team
            supervised work at all four sites, in coordination with Michigan
            Department of Environmental Quality and Detroit Department of
            Environmental Affairs. 

            AABCO, 17400 St. Louis St., was a waste oil reclamation and
            storage facility from 1962 until it was abandoned in 1996. The
            property includes a 6,000-square-foot facility and a vacant lot one
            block east on Brimson Ave. Between August and November, EPA
            supervised the removal and disposal of 113,400 gallons of waste
            18,600 gallons of waste sludge, 300 55-gallon drums containing
            hazardous chemicals, an underground sump, and six tanker trucks.
            Visibly contaminated soils were also excavated, removed, and
            backfilled with clean soil. Cost: $300,000. 

            Metro Plating, 220 East Milwaukee St., is an abandoned
            electroplating plant in the New Center area that had 14 vats with
            contaminated materials, including corrosive liquids and heavy
            plus a number of drums and smaller containers of hazardous
            Between September and early November, some 6,000 gallons of
            hazardous liquids and 80 cubic yards of hazardous debris were
            removed and disposed of at EPA-approved facilities. In addition, 50
            cubic yards of scrap steel was sent to local recycling
facilities. Cost:
            $132,000. The property has reverted to the State of Michigan due to
            nonpayment of taxes by the former owner. 

            A projected $1.8 million cleanup began in October at the abandoned
            Durako Paint factory, 6315 East 7 Mile Rd. The plant, which closed
            in 1989, comprises facilities on both the east and west sides of
            St. The two properties contained 2,900 drums of potentially
            hazardous paint-related materials, plus mixing tanks and paint
            production equipment. 

            The drums are being assessed and then shipped off-site to
            EPA-approved disposal facilities. The removal and disposal work is
            expected to be complete in February. Some of the paint-related
            materials are suitable for recycling as a cement kiln fuel. 

            Work is also continuing at the Bostwick Drum site, a vacant lot at
            6761 Bostwick Ave., in Southwest Detroit, which held 2,500 metal
            and plastic drums--200 of which contained chemicals or flammable
            materials. The cleanup began in March. In early November, with a
            few hundred drums still to be removed, the responsible parties
            an agreement with EPA to finish the cleanup by mid-December.
            Projected final cost: $75,000. 


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