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E-M:/ Book review/reception: Dan Minock's Thistle Journal

Enviro-Mich message from "Rick Pearsall" <jrichard@htonline.com>

For the December 10 meeting of the Sierra Club Crossroads group, Dan Minock
will be reading from his newly published book, Thistle Journal.  To give
you an idea of what the book is about I am including an review that I wrote
for the Sierra Club Mackinac publication at the end of this email.  The Ann
Arbor Observer also reviewed the book and that review can be accessed at  

 Information about the meeting that you might want to know:

Location:	Brighton Area Library,100 Charles H. Orndorf Drive, Brighton
Date/time: 	Wednesday, December 10, 7:00 PM
Cost: 		Free
Other		A reception will be after the reading, Books will be available for
sale with
		a portion of the proceeds going to the Crossroads group.

I you have any questions about the meeting you can contact me at
Hope to see you there.

Rick (who will be getting several signed copies to give as Christmas
presents) Pearsall

------------------------------------- Review

Dan Minock is a friend of mine who has just written his first book. It's
called Thistle Journal. I was delighted when I heard that his book would be
published. However, when he asked me to review it, my delight turned to
surprise mixed with a little bit of panic. You see, Dan is a very good
writer. His work has been published in magazines. He won the Sierra Club's
national writing contest. While  I have just written a few articles for a
newsletter, which Dan edited. How could I do this review justice? Despite
my self-doubts, I told him that I would be honored to review his book.

As I said, Dan is a very good writer, so I was confident that I would like
his book. Well, I loved his book. Read Dan's book, you will enjoy it, you
will see the beauty in his writing, and maybe even learn to see some more
of the beauty that is in Life.

Of the 17 stories included in Thistle Journal, my favorites were written in
journal style: Thistle Journal (the title story) is about trying to have a
more natural yard, Building the Steps is about building a somewhat unique
house, Wildwing Island describes a island at Kensington Metropark where
owls and great blue herons live, Purslane is about pruslane.  Yet each one
of the stories is about much more than I described, they are about Life.

I think a proper review should include a sampling of the author's words. It
was hard choosing a few sentences from over two hundred pages, yet for some
reason the following passage from Least Flycatcher said "choose me."

The wind started up again, and a small dark-bellied cloud passed in front
of the sun. I headed back towards the path, and my hands were connected to
my wrists, my wrists to my arms, my feet to the earth.

Dan does have his feet connected to the earth, and his senses are carefully
observing what is going on around him. He has the ability to interpret and
explain what he sees and feels, which makes for a very good book. Get the
book, read it, enjoy it, and enjoy Life.

The publisher is Mid-List Press, a small non-profit press based in
Minneapolis.  Thistle Journal won Mid-List's 1996 First Series Award for
Creative Nonfiction.  Copies will be available (in December) from Borders,
Shaman Drum (in Ann Arbor), and the Book Nook and Wild Bird Marketplace in
Brighton.  It can be ordered through Amazon bookstore on the WWW and also
directly from Mid-List at 4324 12 Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407-3218.

Dan will be reading from his book at the December 10th Crossroads Sierra
Club meeting at the Brighton Library, 7:00 PM. Books will be available for
sale at the reading. A portion of the profits will go to the Crossroads
group. Call Rick Pearsall at 810.227.6298 for more information about the

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