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E-M:/ NRDC's Environmental Justice director, Vernice Miller, speaks at UM School of Nat Resources

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>VERNICE MILLER, Director of EJ Initiative at NRDC
>"Environmental Justice and the Ideals of MLK, Jr."
>4pm -5pm
>1040 Dana Building 
>Tuesday, January 20
>Vernice Miller currently serves as the Director of the Environmental
>Justice Initiative of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  NRDC
>is a national environmental organization founded in 1970, which is
>dedicated to protecting natural resources and the public health through
>effective litigation, persistent advocacy, and hard-hitting research to
>protect our air, water, land and food supplies.
>Ms. Miller is responsible for developing NRDC's environmental justice
>strategies to fight the disproportionate burden of pollution borne by
>people of color and the poor, and for coordinating all environmental
>justice efforts within NRDC's various programs.
>Ms. Miller comes to NRDC with a decade of environmental justice and
>organizing experience.  She served as the principal research assistant for
>the landmark report "Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States",
>published by the United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice, in
>1987.  In 1988, Ms. Miller co-founded West Harlem Environmental Action
>(WHE ACT), one of the leading community-based environmental justice
>advocacy organizations in the nation.  Ms. Miller also served as the
>Northeast Region facilitator for the First National People of Color
>Environmental Leadership Summit, and served as a member of the drafting
>committee that wrote the "Principles of Environmental Justice."
>Ms. Miller has also served as the Director of Development of the Center
>for Constitutional Rights, and as the New York Coordinator for the U.S.
>Citizens Network for the United Nations Conference on Environment and
>Development (the Earth Summit).
>Ms. Miller has traveled to Brazil, South Africa, Fiji, and Hungary to
>present in International fora about environmental justice and
>environmental policy and race in the United States.
>Ms. Miller is an Urban Planner with both graduate and undergraduate
>degrees from Columbia University.  She is the recipient of Columbia's
>Revson fellowship, and was recently awarded a Kellogg National Leadership
>Fellow by the Kellogg Foundation.  Ms. Miller has published several
>articles, as well as book chapters on environmental justice issues, and
>has received serveral awards and honors for ther work as an environmental
>justice advocate.

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