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E-M:/ alley named to head american legislative exchange council subcommittee onenvironment

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State Rep. Tom Alley (D-West Branch) has recently been appointed to chair
the Environmental Subcommittee of the American Legislative Exchange
Council's (ALEC) National Task Force on Energy, Environment, Natural
Resources & Agriculture.

"I am pleased and honored to have been given a leadership role within
ALEC," said Rep. Alley. "I have been involved with the organization for
years and believe strongly in its commitment to the development of good
public policy."

Much of Michigan's existing laws and proposed legislation are either based
on ALEC model legislation or have benefited from technical information
supplied by ALEC. Michigan's law on environmental audits, adopted in 1996
was based on ALEC model legislation, as is Rep. Alley's HB 5245 providing
for Electric Utility Deregulation.

"All states have benefitted from the work performed by ALEC," said Rep.
Alley. "Through its dedicated membership and staff, ALEC has the ability to
see issues on a national scale in terms of their development and impact
that is frequently missing when individual state legislatures address
problems within their own states. ALEC provides the forum for legislators
to see what other states are doing, giving us the ability to address
problems collectively."

Based in Washington, D.C., ALEC is the largest organization of state
legislators and private sector representatives in the country. ALEC members
meet several times each year to develop public policy initiatives and model
legislation on important issues facing states. The National Task Force on
Energy, Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture includes state
legislators from over 20 different states, as well as private sector
individuals representing the American Petroleum Institute, Chemical
Manufacturers Association, Coastal Corporation, Chevron, Dow Elanco,
Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Mobil, Nestle USA, Steel Recycling
Institute, and Texaco to name a few.

Said Alley, "I have pledged to work my hardest to continue ALEC's strong
reputation as a leader in the research and review of other states' efforts
and the development of good environmental public policy."

Rep. Alley is the long-time chair of the powerful House Committee on
Conservation, Environment and Recreation in the Michigan Legislature.

American Legislative Exchange Council
910 17th Street N.W., Fifth Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 466-3800

"ALEC is bringing to America a chance to recapture the soul of America ...
to allow every single American man or woman, irrespective of their ethnic
background- irrespective of their color- a chance to be part of the
greatest democracy- the greatest freedom- the greatest system on the face
of the earth." - Jack Kemp

"The American Legislative Exchange Council, according to both conservatives
and liberals, is having more and more impact on the lives of American
taxpayers and voters." - San Francisco Examiner

With 3,000 members throughout all 50 states, the American Legislative
Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation's largest non-partisan, individual
membership association of state legislators. Founded in 1973, ALEC is
dedicated to developing and advancing policies based on the Jeffersonian
principles of individual liberty, limited government, federalism and free
markets. Among the leadership of America's state legislatures, ALEC members
have an impressive presence: 31 Speakers and Speaker Pro Tems; 37 Senate
Presidents and Senate Pro Tems; 25 Senate Majority and Minority Leaders; 38
House Majority and Minority Leaders. Currently, 12 Governors and 77 members
of Congress are alumni of ALEC.

ALEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public policy organization headquartered in
Washington, D.C., and receives its financial support from more than 300
corporate and foundation sponsors. ALEC currently does not offer
memberships to individuals.

ALEC Task Forces

ALEC has nine standing task forces which publish studies and issue papers
and author model legislation on a wide-range of issues. State legislators
and private sector representatives are members of the task forces, which
meet at least twice a year. For further information on ALEC task forces
contact the Office of Policy and Legislation at (202) 466-3800.

.Commerce and Economic Development
.Civil Justice
.Criminal Justice
.Energy,Environment,Natural Resources and Agriculture
.Health and Human Services
.Tax and Fiscal Policy
.Telecommunications & Information Technology
.Trade and Transportation

Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Task Force

.Environmental Audit Privilege and Qualified Disclosure Act
.The Environmental Buffer Disclosure Act
.Environmental Education Act
.Environmental Rules Oversight Act
.The Environmental Laboratory Privatization Act
.Interstate Ozone Transport Oversight Act
.Ombudsman Act
.Property Owner Disclosure Act
.Right to Farm Act
.Wildlife Information Disclosure Act
.The Wildlife Protection Tax-Incentive Act
.Resolution on Electric Competition Transition Plan Committee
.Resolution on Environmental Laboratory Privatization
.Resolution to Freeze CAFE Standards
.Environmental Justice Principles
.Policy Statement on Alternative Fuels
.Resolution on Global Climate Change

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