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Re: E-M:/ alley named to head american legislative exchange council subcommittee on environment

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At 10:48 AM 1/14/98 -0500, you wrote:

>State Rep. Tom Alley (D-West Branch) has recently been appointed to chair
>the Environmental Subcommittee of the American Legislative Exchange
>Council's (ALEC) National Task Force on Energy, Environment, Natural
>Resources & Agriculture.
>"I am pleased and honored to have been given a leadership role within
>ALEC," said Rep. Alley. "I have been involved with the organization for
>years and believe strongly in its commitment to the development of good
>public policy."

This clinches it....Tom Alley as the pretty boy for the right wing Washington
DC anti-enviro think-tanks.    What we have here is Tom Alley, "closet
Republican," who is going to hand the environmental issue to Engler in 
the next election in direct conflict with the Democrat's best interests.

What else could possibly happen with Alley and his dirty hands on the
environmental issue..... Letting Alley be the Democrat's point man on 
the environment is just more of the Michigan's Democrat's "death wish"
when it comes to their desired re-ascendancy....

This [Alley's ALEC post] will undoubtedly mean the term-limited Alley will
have access to 
even more campaign cash from regulated parties at both the state 
and national level in case he wants to run for the Michigan Senate
or other higher office.

It is time for the Democrats to "out" Alley as the reactionary right-wing
anti-environmental republican that he actually is.....Michigan's version
of a "yellow dog" democrat....or worse...

>Much of Michigan's existing laws and proposed legislation are either based
>on ALEC model legislation or have benefited from technical information
>supplied by ALEC. Michigan's law on environmental audits, adopted in 1996
>was based on ALEC model legislation, as is Rep. Alley's HB 5245 providing
>for Electric Utility Deregulation.

You see...Tom Alley is actually proud of his work to tear down what people
like Warren Goemaere and Tom Anderson,  strong Democrat environmental
leaders from the 70's in Michigan, built in the structure of law for Michigan
and its environment.

>Based in Washington, D.C., ALEC is the largest organization of state
>legislators and private sector representatives in the country. ALEC members
>meet several times each year to develop public policy initiatives and model
>legislation on important issues facing states. The National Task Force on
>Energy, Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture includes state
>legislators from over 20 different states, as well as private sector
>individuals representing the American Petroleum Institute, Chemical
>Manufacturers Association, Coastal Corporation, Chevron, Dow Elanco,
>Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Mobil, Nestle USA, Steel Recycling
>Institute, and Texaco to name a few.
>Said Alley, "I have pledged to work my hardest to continue ALEC's strong
>reputation as a leader in the research and review of other states' efforts
>and the development of good environmental public policy."

Looks like Alley, being the ultimate narcissistic arrogant politician,
considers the
interests of promoting ALEC's agenda and his position there and ALEC's 
corporate funders to be more important than listening to 
his constituents, promoting Michigan's best interests and/or protecting 
Michigan's environment and natural resources.

Of course, what else would you expect for a legislator who is awash in
campaign cash from big polluters and the waste industry.

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