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E-M:/ Jan. 20 Intnl Call-In for sulfide Mining Moratorium

Enviro-Mich message from amccombs@mail.wiscnet.net (A. I. McCombs)

ACTION ALERT! Jan. 20 International Call-In for SB 3, Wisconsin's Sulfide
Mining Moratorium

For wide distribution

Date: January 14, 1998
From: Mining Impact Coalition <mic@miningimpacts.net>

[Note: I am sending this alert to enviro-mich because a sulfide mining
district in Wisconsin could have definite environmental impacts on

Help protect Wisconsin Northwoods, the Wolf and Wisconsin Rivers, and the
Great Lakes and Mississippi Watersheds: Ask Wisconsin state officials to
PASS SB3, the sulfide Mining Moratorium bill WITHOUT Amendments

Across Wisconsin, citizens have overwhelmingly demonstrated their
opposition to sulfide mining and their support for the sulfide Mining

A poll conducted in October 1997 by Chamberlain Research Consultants for
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation showed that 52.5% oppose Exxon's proposed
Wolf River mine.

42 counties, cities, villages, and towns along the Wisconsin River
have passed resolutions or have gone on record in opposition to the
Crandon Mine and/or pipeline.

44 other counties, villages, towns, unions and organizations have
passed resolutions or have gone on record in opposition to the
Crandon Mine and/or pipeline.

13 counties, towns and organizations that have passed resolutions or
legislation opposing mining in general.

At least 76 Wisconsin municipalities and organizations support the
Mining Moratorium.

40,000 Wisconsin citizens have signed a petition supporting the sulfide
Mining Moratorium.

Metallic sulfide mining of north Wisconsin would ruin the state's $6
billion tourist economy and transform the state's pristine northern forests
into a region of Superfund sites.

Sulfide mining in north Wisconsin would put the cultures and lifestyles of
three federally recognized Wisconsin Indian Tribes, the Mole Lake Sokaogon
Chippewa, the Forest County Potawatomi, and the Menominee Nation, at high

Sulfide mining in Wisconsin is not just a local state issue -- it is a
national and international concern. Multinational companies, which have
leased over 300,000 acres in Wisconsin for mineral prospecting and
exploration, stand poised to make north Wisconsin a sulfide mining
district. The Great Lakes and Mississippi watersheds would constantly be
threatened with contamination by hazardous waste spills from trucks and
trains carrying toxic chemicals to and from mine sites. In addition, a
sulfide mining district would put the Great Lake and Mississippi watersheds
at high risk for contamination by deposits of heavy metal air particulates,
pipeline ruptures and acid mine drainage.

Every sulfide ore mine ever built has caused dangerous pollution. More than
12,000 miles of U.S. rivers have been permanently damaged by mine
pollution. Sport fishing has been destroyed and tourism damaged.

The Mining Moratorium Bill, SB 3, is a practical approach to prevent a mine
from being built until the mine technology can be proven safe. SB 3
provides that no permit for a metallic mine in a sulfide ore can be issued
until the mining company shows evidence of a mine in a similar sulfide ore
body that has operated for 10 years without pollution and evidence of a
mine in a similar sulfide body that has been closed for 10 years without
significant environmental damage.

You can help protect Wisconsin, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi
Watersheds, and Wisconsin Indian Tribes now and for future generations. The
state Assembly is supposed to vote on SB 3 January 22. Your requests can
help persuade Wisconsin officials to pass SB 3.

Please take a moment on January 20 to email, phone and/or fax the following
Wisconsin officials. Ask them to PASS SB3, the sulfide Mining Moratorium
bill WITHOUT Amendments.

If you live in Wisconsin please call toll free 1-800-362-9477; find out who
your State Assembly Representative is and contact him/her; urge support of
the Mining Moratorium Bill SB 3 WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS.

And please cc a copy of your request to Mining Impact Coalition:

Thanks in advance for your help!

A. I McCombs
Mining Impact Coalition


Wisconsin officials to contact:

Governor Tommy Thompson
Telephone: 608-266-1212
Fax: 608-267-8983

Representative Scott Jensen, Assembly Speaker
Telephone (608) 264-6970
Toll free (in Wisconsin only) 888-529-0032
Fax (608) 266-7038

Representative Steve Foti, Assembly Majority Leader
Telephone (608) 266-2401
Toll free (in Wisconswin only) 888-534-0051
Fax (608) 266-7038
(Staff member for Rep. Foti) Michelle.Arbiture@legis.state.wi.us

Representative Marc Duff
Chairman, Assembly Environment Committee
Telephone (608) 266-1190
Toll free (in Wisconsin only) (888) 534-0098
Fax (608) 266-3698

Representative Lorraine Seratti
Representative for the district where Exxon's proposed Wolf River Mine
would be located
Telephone (608) 266-3780
Toll free (in Wisconsin only)
Fax (608) 267-0790


For information about Exxon's proposed Wolf River mine you are invited to
drop by Mining Impact Coalition at http://www.miningimpacts.net/index.html

Mining Impact Coalition (MIC) works to educate people, conduct research and
facilitate communication about the:

*Social, economic and environmental impacts of unsafe mining and
*Sustainable use of the world's mineral resources

Resources available at the MIC site:

  The latest issue of their newletter, DownStream.
  Cartoons by Bill Krupinski.
  Photographs showing what metallic sulfide mining does to the environment.

To subscribe to MIC, an international email listserv which discusses unsafe
mining and the sustainable use of minerals, send an email to:
with message:
subscribe mic


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